About a Boy 2.14 Photos and Sneak Peeks: Marcus Makes a Move

by Shilo Adams / February 14, 2015
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Marcus has spent much of his life being sheltered by his mother. For fear of having her son’s heart broken by the outside world, Fiona did what she could to build up his sense of self and cause him to embrace the quirks in his personality; if Marcus was self-assured and had enough confidence within himself, he would be able to endure the slings and arrows from the peers who might not understand him as well as his loved ones. However, now that he’s dipping his toe into adolescence, Fiona realizes that she’s not going to be able to protect him from everything, which makes the adult decisions coming down the pike all the more unbearable for her to deal with.

On the next episode of About a Boy, Marcus decides to ask Shea to be his girlfriend after the two had a fun Valentine’s together. Fiona doesn’t want him to put himself out there, considering that Shea isn’t exactly who she wants as her son’s first girlfriend, but Will manages to convince her that heartbreak is a right of passage and that Shea would never give Marcus the time of day like that anyway. Except that she says yes and ends up taking advantage of his trusting albeit naïve nature; Marcus has such an optimistic view of the world that he doesn’t realize that boyfriends aren’t slaves or that Shea only said yes to him because she knew she could manipulate him into doing whatever she wants. As much as Will wants Marcus to experience life and form the necessary bonds with those his own age, he might not be able to stay quiet when he sees someone so pure and so good having his kindness taken for granted, especially since this relationship could have a lasting impact on Marcus’ views on love and how he lets future partners treat him.

Elsewhere on About a Boy, Fiona attempts to be more spontaneous with Chris, while Will agrees to chaperone Marcus and Shea’s frozen yogurt date.

About a Boy airs Tuesdays at 9:30 on NBC.

Do you think that Marcus will find it within himself to stand up to Shea? Could Will’s presence on his frozen yogurt date help give him the courage he needs? Will Fiona and Chris find the time and energy necessary for romantic spontaneity?

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