American Crime 1.02 Photos and Preview: Tony Goes to Juvie

by Shilo Adams / March 11, 2015
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Tony thought that he was just earning some extra money by renting out the cars he and his father worked on. He would get enough money in his pocket to buy some independence from his overbearing father and nobody would get hurt in the process; however, him allowing Hector to take the car on that fateful Sunday was one of a series of decisions that led to Matt’s death. Although Tony might not have known what Hector was going to do that night, he was still responsible for giving him the car in the first place, so while authorities know that Tony wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger, they still decided to lock him in a local juvenile facility for the time being.

On the next episode of American Crime, Tony adapts to life behind bars. 48 hours ago, he was safe at him with his father and sister, with his worries being when his next math test was or whether he would be able to hang out with his friends. Now, though, he’s got to protect himself from criminals who are more dangerous than he is and who would easily be able to sniff his relative weakness out. Tony is simply a good kid who got caught in a bad situation, a teenage boy who thought he was doing something inconsequential for a regular trickle of money, and there’s no way that he would be able to survive in juvie for an extended period of time, which is likely what the cops are counting on. They want to scare Tony into fully cooperating with them in the pending case, to show him what life could be like for him if he chooses to lie on the stand, so while Tony’s involvement in the death of Matt Skokie was menial at best, he’s still going to be treated like someone with a much larger role in the crime.

Elsewhere on American Crime, tensions between Barb and Russ intensify as they learn more about who Matt really was, while Carter and Aubry come face-to-face for the first time since being arrested and Hector’s legal troubles compound when a warrant for his arrest in Mexico is discovered.

American Crime airs Thursdays at 10:00 on ABC.

How long will Tony be able to survive in juvie before cracking? Will Barb be able to accept that her image of Matt doesn’t matt the reality of who he was? Could Hector finding out about the warrant send him running in the other direction?

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