Aquarius Recap: Mothers and Brothers and Dads, Oh My!

by Rebecca Riley / August 2, 2015

It was all about family on this week’s episode of Aquarius, but not necessarily in a good way. Sam Hodiak had a full-blown reunion in the opening minutes of this hour with his estranged wife and seemingly distant father coming together in his apartment to help deal with his son (currently AWOL from his army unit.) In addition to Sam’s family troubles, the case on this week’s Aquarius revolved around the brother of a Black Panther leader. All of this capped by a visit from Manson’s mother herself.

We’ve met Bunchy before, as Hodiak needed his help on the race-driven homicides in the Black Panther neighborhoods. This time, however, it was Bunchy who needed Sam’s help when his brother was found shot outside his home. It is revealed through Hodiak’s investigation (with a near constant resistance from Bunchy himself based on distrust of the institution) that his brother Arthur believed there to be a mole in the Black Panther group, and Hodiak impersonates a federal handler in order to bring out the murder/spy and bring him to justice.

On the other side of town, Charlie’s very own mother makes an appearance. She comes to tell Charlie that his grandfather has died leaving him some very valuable property. His mother wants Charlie to sign over the papers and split the profit once they sell the land. We learn through their interactions, however, that his mom gave birth at 16 and was not the best mother figure to young Charlie. Between jail and pawning him off on her parents, Charlie sees his mother as neglectful-the cause of his beatings at school and home. There is a moment near the end of the episode where they are close to making amends, but that moment is shattered as Charlie attacks her, forcing acid down her throat and leaving her to be raped by his fellow cult members. Not the family reunion we were hoping for.

On a not-quite so disturbing note, Cherry and her “sisters” break into a home in order to steal some baby supplies for an expectant mother at the camp. Unfortunately, Cherry and her sister get into a bit of an argument and she calls the cops while Cherry is still in the house, resulting in “sweet Cherry’s” arrest. Sam visits her in the holding cell and tells her straight up that if she continues her life with Charlie, jail is where she will end up. We leave her crying in the holding cell as tough-love Sam Hodiak walks away.

Next week we should see the fallout of Brian’s progress in the Guapo drug ring — resulting from his ability to retrieve stolen drugs for the head honcho — as well as the result of Hodiak’s failed attempt to get his son’s whistle-blower information about the illegal actions taking place overseas to a newspaper. Don’t miss all this and more on next week’s Aquarius on Saturday, August 9 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on NBC.