Aquarius Recap: Old Friends

by Rebecca Riley / July 10, 2015

In this week’s Aquarius, detective Sam Hodiak gets two separate blasts from the past as he works to find a missing prostitute linked to Manson, as well as aid a priest with a financial problem. For Manson’s musical career, however, it is not so much a blast from the past as a blow to his future.

The episode, as usual, split time between the nose-to-the-grindstone work of Sam Hodiak and the “free-style” living of Manson and his cult of followers. To begin, Charlie gets a visit from a music producer who seemed interested in his demo. However, when Charlie demands Emma “Cherry” Karn to do whatever it takes to keep him on the property, and he leaves, he is not too happy. Manson decides that the group needs a cleanse of sorts to get back on track and demands everyone overdose by taking two “smilies” (a hallucinogenic drug) each.

All the while, Emma is dealing with a visit of her own, from her father, who decides that she will be legally emancipated in order to secure his image for the upcoming election (not that he tells his daughter that.) She proceeds to question the relationship between her father and Manson, which he skillfully avoids. She suspects what we as viewers already know: that Manson and Karn share an intimate past. Emma’s future is unclear though, as the last appearance we see is of her fleeing the commune after rejecting the drugs and walking off barefoot away from the house, and Charlie…

In the precinct on the other side of town, Sam is visited by an old friend of his family’s (the very kind Father Mac,) who brings up a concern that a fellow priest is taking money from the church and partaking in illicit activities. After assigning a free-lancer pal to work the case, Sam moves onto the missing hooker. This second case leads him to visiting a former stripper-turned-nurse with whom he seems to have shared a past. The end up sleeping together later on so even if they didn’t have something back then they certainly have a special connection now.

This new sexual foray causes some discomfort in Sam’s personal life as his friends-with-benefits (not the ’60’s terminology Aquarius uses, but you catch my drift) Grace stops by while Sam and Nusre Kendall are together. This awkward collision is just one in a series as Sam also tries to coax his co-worker Ed Cutler out of his obstinate embarrassment after the revelation that Ed is sleeping with Opal (Sam’s wife.)

The overall light episode is brought to a screeching halt in the last few minutes as two stunningly violent events unfold. The first is that Sam’s old friend Father Mac is found dead in his church aisle, prompting Hodiak to punch the suspected culprit, the thieving priest, square in the face before being held back by other officers. The second is the point blank killing of a deliveryman by Manson’s right hand man, along with Lucille Gladner. This is not only witnessed by an undercover Brian but the blood of the young boy is splattered on his face while the camera pulls to a close-up and the music fades to the ending credits. Quite the fitting image for the Manson-centric thriller.

This dark ending bodes well for next week’s Aquarius where it looks like Charmaine will be involved in a shooting while at a café. To see what happens don’t forget to catch the next episode of Aquarius on Thursday, July 16 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.