Aquarius Recap: One of Us

by Rebecca Riley / July 19, 2015

It was Christmas on this week’s episode of Aquarius, but the joy of the season did not match the appalling violence that saturated tonight’s hour-long drama. The case revolved around the murder of four officers in Hodiak’s own station, while back at Charlie’s, Ken and Manson reunite while plotting how to properly deal with officer Hodiak.

The event that started it all was Charmaine’s first ride-along. Accompanying two male officers (who spent the majority of their screen time making sexists and inappropriate comments), they stop in at a café two blocks from the Black Panther headquarters. While they ate, a lone gunman clad fully in black walks up and shoots the two officers dead, leaving Charmaine as the lone witness. After Hodiak helps her through the shock of the situation, she identifies the shooter as a white male.

These deaths send the precinct into full attack mode, and soon Hodiak tracks the suspect to his house. This success is not without difficulty, as Charmaine is attacked both on her accountability of the event and the fact that she survived while her male counterparts perished. However, once Hodiak brings in the suspect, he gives her the opportunity to become “one of us.” In order to escape the periphery of the testosterone filled cop-circle and finally become accepted, Charmaine is asked to lie about her original statement in order to solidify an arrest of the suspect.

While this week’s episode of Aquarius was driven by the police-side of drama, at the Manson camp things were heating up between Charlie and his long-separated lover Ken. The ongoing mystery of how the two are related to the woman buried in the desert is brought up again, with flashbacks to Ken and Charlie stuffing a woman in the trunk and driving her out to the desert, while in real-time Ken has dug up her skeleton. In addition to this past criminal activity, the two men also discuss (while naked in bed) drugging Sam Hodiak in an attempt to “open his mind,” as Charlie says.

As the hour comes to a close, we see that Charmaine did indeed lie to administration about her original statement, claiming she described the suspect in greater detail than she truly did. She goes on to comment on similarities between Sam and her father, both being “unreliable, charming drunks.” This unfortunate turn in their relationship is capped off as Sam goes to the bar to get a drink. But, as the camera pans from a hallucinogenic smiley face stamp (a favorite of Manson) being put into Sam’s drink, to Manson’s face as Hodiak sips on LSD unknowingly, we are left with the sinking feeling that next week Manson’s games will lead to more horrors.

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