Aquarius Season 1 Finale Recap: Honor Among Cops

by Rebecca Riley / August 23, 2015

After a week off, last night’s episode of Aquarius came back strong with some morally grey decision making by Detective Hodiak, and a strictly illegal decision made in the Manson family. With his son AWOL from the war, and with a case where the two suspects are killed by his hand, Sam faces some difficult choices. Meanwhile Charlie’s girl Mary gives birth to a stillborn, and his whole group deals with the loss.

Many previous episodes of Aquarius have dealt with the questionable methods/decisions of the police force during the 60’s, but this time it was our own Detective Hodiak who took the life of a suspect. After he Brian got a tip from Charmaine about the whereabouts of a suspect in their on-going prostitute case, they go in with guns drawn. However, once they have the suspect in custody, they hear someone else in the room and things get hairy. Sam pushes the cuffed suspect out in front of the gunfire, and when the second suspect is apprehended, Sam snaps his neck.

The repercussions of his actions are addressed in a meeting where Sam admits that neither suspect had to die, and it is clear he was at fault. Instead of a reprimand or suspension, however, Sam and Brian are given Awards for Valor. Unfortunately, during his acceptance speech towards the end of the hour, an Internal Affairs officer shows up and says there was a witness to his questionable actions.

On the opposite end of the law-enforcement spectrum, there was a baby napping for the Manson camp. When “Mother Mary”, as she is called, goes into labor, there are complications. When the child is born, it is already dead. Looking to get back in Charlie’s good graces, Sadie goes to the local hospital and brings back a newborn. The child is christened Valentine Michael Manson (the real life son of Charles Manson) as Charlie monologues about a new, “pure” age coming.

In addition to the professional woes Hodiak dealt with this week, his son was also taken into custody by the military for revealing information about the illegal deeds performed by soldiers overseas. If that wasn’t enough for Sam to handle, Charmaine also tried her hand at detective work, and goes to a funeral home connected with Manson’s workers. While on the phone with Brian at this funeral home, she is caught and appears to have been kidnapped. We all hope she comes out alive.

Aquarius has been renewed for a second season by NBC, so stay tuned for more information about the show’s return.