Arrow Press Room at Comic-Con: The Cast Teases New Villains, Romance & Dynamics for Season 3

by Clarissa / July 26, 2014

Arrow stars Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Paul Blacktorne and John Barrowman joined producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti in the Comic-Con press room to discuss season 3’s themes, new relationships that will be explored and new villains coming to Starling City.

A New Oliver. This year is all about examining whether Oliver can have an “integrated life,” according to Berlanti. “Or is he just out there to fight crime? Can we introduce other elements into his life?”

Financial Troubles. Oliver lost his substantial fortune in season 2 and while Amell says that Oliver doesn’t actually care about money, having access to billions of dollars allowed the team to procure any manner of technology and gadgets to help them in their fight against crime. Berlanti says season 3 is “definitely a new way of life for [Oliver]. They’ll find some other economic means from surprising places.”

A New List. When Arrow returns — after a five month time jump from the events of the finale — Team Arrow will once again be crossing names off a list. Amell says that they’ve compiled a list of the crime bosses in Starling City and have spent the last five months crossing off names.

Oliver + Romance. Amell firmly said “Oliver has one woman this year: that woman is Felicity. Some of the stuff that we do in the premiere [whether it means they’re going to be together, etc], we talk about some pretty important stuff and if Oliver were to have a fling it would undermine some of that. I think that the cavalcade of women is going to stop.”

Roy’s Journey to Hero. “Something we really have to watch out for is we don’t know how long…if the cure is really going to last and I think Roy’s really volatile in that aspect,” Haynes said. “He’s able to tap into a lot of his emotions so I think that’s going to play a big part in this season with having Thea gone, with trying to adapt to having expectations put on you, in a way. And also the jealously of the team with Roy being brought in and being involved in a lot of the things that the others are involved in.” Of course, there’s also the added complication of what Roy did under the influence of the mirakuru. “No one has told Roy that he’s killed two cops. Eventually he’s going to have to find that out. Eventually other people are going to have to find that he’s a murderer.” He also mentioned that soon we’ll be seeing a DC character coming in “[who has ties to] Roy’s backstory from the comics.” He/she won’t be a relative of Roy. Amell also said that Oliver and Roy are “in a really great place, but there are skeletons in Roy’s closet that he’s eventually going to discover this year that put him at odds with himself and, thus, at odds with Oliver.”

Thea and Malcolm. The writers are looking forward to showing a new side to Thea, according to Berlanti. Barrowman hinted that fans will be surprised by the relationship between Thea and Malcolm. “Malcolm is grasping on to Thea because it’s the one thing that he has left that he’s part of his family, his life. He lost his son because he wasn’t able to control him in the way that he wanted to emotionally.” But Thea is another chance.

Roy and Thea. “Roy realizes what he did [to Thea] was messed up,” Haynes said. “He should have been the only person that wasn’t lying to her.” He thinks there’s going to be a scene coming up where “she’s going to understand that Roy really believed what he said and he really wanted to go with her and he’s been hurting every since he left and he realizes his faults.”

Thea and Oliver’s Relationship. Amell is thrilled with Thea’s upcoming story, saying “to have [Thea] and Oliver relate on a much more adult level and really talk about things is going to be awesome.”

Queen Consolidated and Ray Palmer. “There’s a new gentleman who wants to buy Queen Consolidated [in season 3]. Specifically for their tech division. He figures out pretty soon that there was an IT woman there who was then Oliver’s assistant who seemed to have a bizarre career trajectory at the company so he goes looking for her. And wants her to be a part of the company,” Berlanti hinted.

Oliver and Diggle. With Diggle’s impending fatherhood, Oliver is wary about bringing his friend into the field, lest something terrible happens to him. Amell cryptically warned us that “Oliver sees a version of himself, literally, that scares the sh*t out of him and that affects his relationship with Diggle,” saying that would make sense during the premiere.

Arrow and the Police. Amell confirmed that the relationship between the Arrow and the police force in Starling City would be “thumbs up” this season.

The Lance Family. Blackthrone says that Quentin was clearly aware of Sara’s crime fighting tendencies and while it was hard for him to accept as a father, “at the end of the day she was doing it for the good of the city so that’s, in his mind, how he reconciles the whole idea of [what she was doing].” But the little handover from Sara to Laurel of the little black jacket was “bit of a red flag” for Quentin. “The last thing he wants is his more bookish, intellectual daughter [to become a vigilante]. But she has a strong will as well so I guess [Quentin] will have to cope with whatever happens.” As for Quentin’s injury that he sustained in the season 2 finale that felled him, we see that he obviously recovers enough to get a new job offer (Police Captain), but “there’s a long recovery period for him.” Regarding the new job, Blackthorne thinks that Quentin is very much a guy used to working the beat and all of the extra responsibilities, administration and paperwork of his new job will be difficult for his character to handle.

Oliver’s Child. In season 2 of Arrow, we learned that Oliver had gotten a woman pregnant prior to going on the island and Moira paid off the woman to go away with her baby, unbeknownst to Oliver. Will we be dealing with this story again? “Probably,” said Amell, telling us that he had pitched a story to the writers about how to reintroduce the story and then both Guggenheim and Kreisberg separately pitched the same story back to him.

The Flashbacks. Amell pointed out that when we see flashbacks in season 3, we’ve essentially hit the mid-point of Oliver’s five year journey on the island and beyond. “I feel like once we hit the downside of the hill on flashbacks then they will keep getting cooler.” He also gave a hint about the upcoming Tommy flashback where Oliver is on a rooftop and sees Tommy speaking to his father. This year’s flashbacks will also explain some portions of previous flashbacks, including why Fyers wanted to shoot down an airliner.

Another New DC Character. Berlanti wouldn’t give too many details, but he hinted that there’s “one big one in the back half of the year, another DC person that we do hope to bring on.” Hero or villain? He couldn’t say.

Laurel and Team Arrow. Amell says Laurel is “super involved” in Team Arrow in season 3. “There’s a great line in the premiere: ‘you catch ’em, I cook ’em’.”

Tune in to the premiere of Arrow on Wednesday, October 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. You can also read more from the Comic-Con panel and watch the season 3 preview here.

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