Arrow Review: The One With Anarky, Mayoral Issues and Sara

by Luciana / October 15, 2015

In last night’s Arrow, we had a very busy hour with a lot of different storylines fighting to get some screen time. Even though there was a lot going on, the episode was pretty action-packed and established several storylines that will be explored over the course of the season.

The team seems to have found its balance again, since Oliver and Felicity returned from their happy retreat in a suburbiaville, and it was so nice to see the whole Team Arrow back together in the lair, with Felicity working the comms and complaining about needing an alias. I just loved that entire first sequence so much because it depicted exactly what drew me to this show in the first place: the easy camaraderie within the team, that doesn’t seem to have been affected by Laurel and Thea joining in and Diggle’s everlasting grudge against Oliver.

Speaking of Oliver, who is that happy guy who has taken over his body? We all got so used to seeing grumpy and broody Oliver Queen, that watching that same guy pack lunch for his girlfriend and even give her a little fern as a good luck gift is a little mind boggling. Not that it’s bad or anything, but it will take some getting used to.

Also, excited CEO Felicity? Pure gold! That is the Felicity I know and love, babbling her way through anything and everything. From that first scene with Oliver – telling him she is excited for her first day as a CEO because she gets to boss people around and that she should be nervous, but she is super excited instead – to everything that happened at Palmer Tech, especially her fast partnership with Mr. Terrific, was just brilliant.

While our favorite new CEO was busy trying to save Palmer Tech, Oliver and Thea were having brunch with Jessica Danforth and her daughter, Madison. Jessica is an old friend of Moira’s and decided that she wants to follow in her friend’s footsteps and run for mayor of Star City. She is basically placing a huge target on her forehead, but to each, their own, right? Who are we to judge? Her daughter thinks it’s a crazy idea, and so do Oliver and Thea, but the woman is determined.

So she announces her candidacy and immediately becomes a target, as shots are fired in her direction during her speech. Oliver and Thea split up and Speedy finds an automatic gun, while her brother finds the guy responsible for the attack and tries to catch him, only to have him slip through his fingers. Turns out the guy is working for Damien Darkh and his task is to not let anyone run for mayor. The dude really has it in for Star City and wants a reign of terror over the city. These villains really have some megalomania issues.

Since Jessica Danforth escaped the murder attempt unscathed, the guy – who we later find out is Anarky – kidnaps her daughter in order to force Jessica to withdraw her candidacy. Team Arrow eventually finds her – after Captain Lance begrudgingly accepts Oliver’s help – and delivers Anarky to the police and Madison to her mother, who gives up on her plans to run for mayor. Anarky, though, is a pretty sneaky guy and they later find the guy who was transporting him dead and his symbol painted in the back of the police car.

So that was basically what the episode was about, but let’s talk about Speedy for a moment here. She is completely out of control. The Lazarus Pit side effects seem to have hit her full force now and she can’t seem to hold herself back when she is fighting. That makes me wonder, though, why exactly do these effects amplify her violent tendencies? It seems that when she is out there fighting, she is suddenly overcome with a rage so intense and can’t seem to control her own body, which just reacts with more and more violence on anyone she goes up against. That scene with Oliver in the lair? Prime example. She would never willingly attack her brother, right?

And that brings us to another question: why now? Diggle brought it up, but it was never answered. I am guessing we will dive into this in the next few episodes with Laurel and Thea going to Nanda Parbat. Which brings me to my next point:

Sara. YES. They are already bringing her back and I couldn’t be any happier. She was, by far, my favorite guest character and her death really broke my heart. But now she is back (or will be very soon) and getting her own show and I absolutely can’t wait to see how this is going to play out. Also, Caity Lotz was totally rocking that corpse look, wasn’t she?

Oh, and last, but not least, Oliver decided he is running for the Mayor office, which is okay, I guess. I knew it was coming, but I am not exactly sure how this is going to play out. We’ll see.

Have I mentioned they’re bringing Sara back?

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