Arrow Season 4 Premiere Review: The One With Domestic Bliss

by Luciana / October 8, 2015

Oh, the sweet, sweet return of a favorite show. Arrow, you have no idea how much I  missed you. The CW hit show premiered its fourth season last night with a brand new villain and a completely different and happy Oliver Queen.

In case you need a refresher course on what went down last season, we ended season 3 with the defeat of Ra’s Al Ghul and Malcolm Merlyn stepping up as the new leader of the League of Assassins; Thea joined the team with Roy’s old suit and her killer skills, after being resurrected in Nanda Parbat; Ray supposedly died when his office exploded; and Oliver and Felicity drove into the sunset to live happily ever after.

So we pick up a few months later and the first shot is Oliver running through the trees, just like every other premiere in this show. But unlike seasons past, this time Oliver runs through the trees and into a quaint little suburb and he is just – get this – jogging. He literally was just going for a run and that’s it.

He heads into this beautiful house and Felicity is waiting for him, trying to cook. He teases her about her lack of culinary skills and she complains about how he suddenly discovered his mad skills in the kitchen and how she feels she is in a never ending episode of Masterchef. It’s all so blissfully domestic that it feels almost too good to be true.

They banter for a bit and can’t keep their hands off each other. It is seriously every Olicity shipper’s dream. We soon find out that Felicity is the new Palmer Tech CEO and how she feels so completely inadequate to be in this position, even jokingly asking if Oliver would like his company back. Oliver, on the other hand, is just ridiculously happy to not have anyone shooting at him, and thrilled that he gets to have a normal life with her.

They have brunch with their neighbors, who compliment Oliver on his amazing omelette making skills and we can already feel that Felicity is kind of bored. When the neighbor couple suggests that they should take a look at schools (What. The. Hell), Felicity nearly spits out whatever it was she was drinking because, hello, obvious reasons. She decides they need more drinks to endure this, and when she leaves, the lovely neighbors ask Oliver about his proposal plans. He has Moira’s ring and he is to propose that same night.

It seriously feels like a Twilight Zone moment. I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s great that they are happy and all, but it just doesn’t really feel right. Not them being together, per se, but the whole set up is just too perfect and it’s just not what those characters are about. Through that whole suburbia sequence, I had a confusion of mixed feelings about it because I love me some Olicity and I think they are great together and compliment each other and make each other happy, but this? It’s just way too sweet. I was seriously getting cavities. No wonder Felicity was bored to tears. Anyway.

Elsewhere, what remains of Team Arrow is chasing some thugs in a truck and it’s super action-packed and Thea is exhilarated and thinks everything is beyond awesome. I am right there with you, Speedy. She is kicking some serious ass and – for a character that I couldn’t stand a couple of seasons back – she is downright endearing in her enthusiasm to be a superhero. Laurel seems to have gotten over the coolness factor of being a vigilante and tells Thea as much, while Diggle also kicks some serious ass, wearing his weird helmet thing. He is also a hell of a lot more lethal and holds no qualms about shooting their assailants right in the face and what the hell, Dig? Who are you and what have you done to my sweet John Diggle?

The guys they are chasing are being called Ghosts because no one can catch them and they seem to be highly organized – to the point that, in the event that one of them screws up and gets caught, they have a conveniently placed cyanide pill in their teeth to off themselves before they can spill anything to the cops or Team Arrow. Very sophisticated, if you ask me.

So they are wreaking havoc in Star City at the same time that Damien Darkh starts killing the city’s head comittee, leaving only Captain Lance alive – and that only happened because Laurel kicked some serious ass and managed to save him. So she and Thea decide to go to Oliver for help, saying they need the Arrow back in their team because they are in way over their heads with these Ghosts dudes.

Except they basically interrupted Oliver’s proposal and he is so not on board to head back to Star City to his vigilante lifestyle. Felicity, however, jumps at the chance to get back to the fun and action and saving the city, so before they all know it, our favorite power couple is back in the lair. Dig is not happy at all to see Oliver and is downright frosty with his (for now, hopefully) former best friend.

Laurel and Thea gets them up to speed on what has been going on and Oliver immediately starts spewing out orders and they all just look at him like he’s grown a second head. It’s clear that their quest has continued, whether Oliver was there to see it or not and they don’t answer to him anymore. Diggle leaves, saying he needs to get home to his wife and baby girl and Laurel and Thea soon follow him out on their own tasks.

And that is when Oliver pins Felicity down on the fact that she has been working with the team behind his back and she finally cracks and tells him she is bored out of her mind living in suburbiaville and having videoconferences with the Palmer Tech board to hear how she is totally not right for the job. And seriously? This is the Felicity I know and love. I am right with you, honey. Suburbiaville is so not your thing. Let’s please get back to the action, shall we?

Anyway, they scout the location where the Ghosts are and find Damien Darkh (except they don’t know it’s him yet) lecturing one of his soldiers and then proceeding to kill the guy with the touch of his hand. I mean, what the actual frack is going on? Team Arrow descends on them and there is a really cool action sequence with Oliver, Dig, Laurel and Thea kicking ass in a fantastic way. But somewhere along the way, Thea loses control and basically decides to rearrange the dude’s features with her fists. Oliver notices and calls her out on that the next day, to which she reassures him she is fine and that he should stay out of her business. If you ask me, that is resurrection pit side effects finally rearing their ugly head and we will probably see her derail more and more from now on. Maybe. Hopefully? I don’t know.

Then they find out Damien and his hive have planted a super powerful bomb in a train and Oliver goes head to head with Darkh, severely losing to the villain when the guy touches him and proceeds to suck the life out of him. It kind of reminded me of Skye’s mother’s power, Jiaying, in Agents of SHIELD. Anyway, Oliver is about to croak, but Dig shows up, shoots Damien and saves his life. They blow up the train, saving the city once more, but Dig is still pissed. The guy sure knows how to hold a grudge. I don’t blame him and I understand where he is coming from, but come on, man. Even Lyla has forgiven Oliver already. Do an Elsa and let it go. I miss your bromance on my screen.

Oliver decides that he is on board with Team Arrow again and broadcasts an announcement, introducing himself as the Green Arrow – new suit, by Cisco – saying he is carrying on the legacy of what the original Arrow stood for. So he is going to protect the city and yada, yada, yada. Since they are staying in Star City, Oliver and Felicity move to the penthouse he used to share with Thea (who, apparently, has been crashing at Laurel’s for the past few months. Who saw that coming?) and they are all happy again.

Then we find out Captain Lance is working with (for?) Damien Darkh and my mind exploded. My original notes about that scene are not aproppriate enough to be published.

And then, when I was still reeling from that discovery, cuts to six months later, and Oliver is standing over a grave. It feels like the funeral has just taken place and Barry shows up, apologizing for missing it. Oliver is distraught and promises he will kill him – who I am assuming is Damien Darkh. My first thought was, hell no, they did not just kill Felicity. I spent a good portion of the next several minutes mourning her already, but then I watched the scene again. And you know what? If it was Felicity in that grave, Barry would be a hell of lot more shaken up about it and he isn’t. He looks somber and sad, yes, but not like he has just lost a very, very good friend.

So my money is on Thea. Although my money was totally on Russia flashbacks and we got Lian Yu instead, so maybe I should stop betting altogether.

What did you think?


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