Arrow Sneak Peeks: Laurel Teams Up With the Arrow & Roy Loses Control

by Clarissa / January 22, 2014

ArrowLaurel discovered that Sebastian Blood is not the mild-mannered or peace-loving man that he claims to be on last week’s Arrow. But now that she’s aware of his true nature, she’s going to put herself in danger in order to prove it to the world.

In tonight’s episode, Laurel reaches out to the Arrow and asks him for help in investigating Sebastian. Naturally, Oliver feels conflicted about this request. He doesn’t want to believe that his friend has been hiding a dark secret, but he decides to trust Laurel’s opinion on this matter. Slade and his henchmen are not happy about Laurel interfering with their plans by threatening to expose Sebastian, so when Laurel gets too close to the truth Sebastian exposes her drug addiction and has her arrested.

Meanwhile, Roy inadvertently exposes his new super-strength to Sin when he goes berzerk on a man who is trying to attack her. While she is, at first, wary of the fact that he can’t seem to retain control over his powers, she is soon very interested in testing them.┬áBack on the island, the subject of Laurel pops up when Sarah reveals a secret that shocks Oliver.

Watch a trailer, sneak peek and producer’s preview below for tonight’s all new episode of Arrow airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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