Arrow: Five Teasers from the January Return “Blast Radius”

by Clarissa / January 13, 2014

ArrowBarry Allen getting struck by lightening (leading to his eventual transformation into the Flash) capped off a rather spectacular two-part midseason finale of Arrow. When the show returns this week, several lingering storylines from the first half of the season will continue and we’ll also see the build-up of a big arc for Laurel. Here are five teasers for the return of Arrow.

Laurel’s Search for Answers. Laurel makes it clear to her boss that she’s investigating Sebastian Blood and believes that he has a very suspicious background. One example is his connection to a psychiatric institute that burned down under mysterious circumstances. Her boss warns her to tread lightly, but Laurel seems determined. Later, at a party for Sebastian, she tells Oliver that she’s investigating his friend and remarks that she’s unsure if she knows the real Sebastian. “He reminds me of you in that way,” she tells her old boyfriend. After spotting an envelope with a clue, she goes digging. But what she finds will likely place her in a lot of danger.

An Explosive New Enemy. Oliver has spent the last five weeks seeking answers from dealers and other criminals about the origin of mirakuru in Starling City, but he’s been hitting a brick wall. Fortunately for his level of frustration, a new problem presents itself. A bomber is blowing up various buildings around the city. And when Sebastian Blood decides to hold a public Unity Rally, the Arrow tries to warn him that it’s not a good idea with this bomber running around. Unfortunately, Sebastian cannot be dissuaded and so Oliver is forced to race around the clock to stop this bomber, a.k.a. “Shrapnel”. As he heads to what they think is the man’s work, Diggle heads to the rally.

The Green-Eyed Monster. The relationship between Oliver and Felicity is still a bit rocky after the introduction of Barry Allen. When the episode begins, we learn that Felicity has been spending a lot of time at a comatose Barry’s bedside in Central City. When she hears about the bombings she returns home, but there’s lingering tension with Oliver. And it explodes after he has a near miss with Shrapnel and accuses her of slacking at the job because she’s too busy thinking about Barry. Naturally, Felicity isn’t pleased with Oliver attacking her in this manner and Diggle knowingly tells Oliver “I don’t think you had a problem with Felicity’s performance until she met Barry Allen.”

What’s Wrong with Roy? Thea has noticed that Roy has been acting strangely for a while now and while he brushes off her concerns, he does get freaked out after getting a piece of glass embedded in his arm because the wound immediately heals himself. Later, he performs an act of amazing strength and both he and Thea are completely flabbergasted as to what is going on. While Roy seems dismissive about this to Thea, it’s clear that he has his suspicions.

On the Island. Slade, Sara and Oliver bury Shado as the three reel from the recent events with Ivo on the island. Oliver wants to tell Slade that he’s the reason Shado died, but Sara warns him against it, worried about how Slade will react to the mirakuru in his system. Later, Slade becomes increasingly more erratic and violent. Is this the end of his friendship with Oliver?

Watch some sneak peeks below and tune in to an all new episode of Arrow on January 15 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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