Arrow Preview and Panel at Comic-Con: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 3

by Clarissa / July 25, 2014

Arrow stars Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne, Willa Holland, John Barrowman and John Barrowman joined producers Marc Guggenheim, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg at their Comic-Con panel to tease season 3 and dropped a few hints after showing a cool new preview with footage from the upcoming season.

Kreisberg said that when they did the pilot, they had two things in mind that they wanted to get to: Sara not being dead and Oliver waking up in Hong Kong. They were glad they were able to get to those points before season 3.

Season 2 ended on a happy note, with Team Arrow defeating Slade and trying to move on from the heartbreak of season 2. But “so much of season 3 is about ‘what price [is there for] victory,” Kreisberg warned.

Thea learned that she was Malcolm Merlyn’s daughter in season 2 and, despite rebelling against it, accepted that fact by theĀ  end of the season. There’s a lot of changes in store for her going forward: “Thea is going through something pretty crazy right now. All I can say is that I’ve been hitting the gym a little bit,” Holland warned. “Thea won’t be a good, put together girl, but [she’ll be] definitely a different girl [in season 3].” In the upcoming season, Guggenheim said that Arrow will flash back to the moment when Thea entered the limo at the end of season 2 and we’ll learn what the pair said to each other.

Ramsey warned that Diggle will be debating whether he should stay with the team or leave next season as he approaches fatherhood. “I think the stakes have gotten a lot higher.”

Blackthorne confirmed (cheekily) that Quentin was felled by chest pains in the season 3 premiere, but obviously he’ll be returning — and thriving — as a police captain in season 3.

Kreisberg reiterated that in 1.08 and 3.08 of The Flash and Arrow will be a two-hour crossover event and we’ll see people from both shows crossing over. In addition, in episode 1.04 of The Flash, Felicity will show up in Central City.

In season 3, Arrow will be bringing in some big guest stars, including Ray Palmer, played by Brandon Routh, who will also have an eye on Felicity.

Of course, we know that Oliver and Felicity will also be going on a date in the premiere and Guggenheim joked that a really big spoiler is that Oliver and Felicty “go for Italian [food].” Berlanti said they’ll deal with their feelings for each other this season which he’s always believed “have been genuine”. Unfortunately, Amell warned that the date goes “horribly”.

“The [new] dynamic between Oliver and Roy brings out [old] parts of the Oliver Queen character [smarter, more classic elements of the Oliver character],” Amell said, but he also warned there’s still tension from season 2 between them that could resurface.

Season 3 will explore Oliver’s flashbacks during his time off the island. This season they didn’t just want some new bad guys to show up on the island, but Kreisberg says that even back in season 1 they alluded to Oliver being off the island at some point. All sorts of new characters will come in, including Oliver meeting Katana.

Watch the explosive trailer for season 3 of Arrow below and tune in to the premiere on Wednesday, October 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. We’ll have more from the Arrow press room on Saturday!


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