Ballers Season Finale Recap: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

by Clarissa / August 23, 2015

Spencer arrived at work in the season finale of Ballers to find his office cleared out and his coworkers whispering about “Hurricane Joe” (who had destroyed his own office). Soon Spencer’s new assistant arrived to escort him to his new, larger office. Enter Mr. Anderson, who was praising Spencer’s work ethic, and offered him a promotion. Unfortunately, according to Anderson, Joe wasn’t happy about “the new chain of command”, so he resigned….after having a tantrum. As Spencer tried to tell Anderson that Joe was invaluable, Anderson dismissed his praise for his co-worker. And when Spencer took a post-promotion drive, Jason called him with some bad news: Vernon didn’t want to sign his new deal.

Over at the Dolphins’ field, Ricky was enjoying a visit from some kids, at least until his father stopped by for a surprise visit. The man immediately dismissed Ricky’s suspicions that he came by for money, but Ricky still wanted nothing to do with him.

Over at Joe’s house, Joe insisted to Spencer that he had been fired. He tried to sell Spencer on taking their sports clients to their own firm, but Spencer believed they didn’t have the money to start their own company.

Meanwhile, at Charles’ house, he and his wife were unloading their recent baby purchases and he was shocked to get a call from the Dolphins’ manager asking him to suit up for their new season.

Ricky was grudgingly having a conversation with his father, Dennis, at a coffee house and he kept insisting that his life had gone to hell since Ricky dissed him on TV. Dennis also kept talking about how his genes and influence made Ricky a better player.

Jason and Spencer tracked Vernon down and he kept insisting he didn’t want to talk about his new contract, wanting to play out the rest of the season and then see how things went. But Jason delivered the good news about the new offer and this seemed to put Vernon back on track. Back at the office, Spencer’s new assistant managed to save him some embarrassment when Anderson stopped by as Spencer was having sex with his girlfriend on his desk. A few minutes later, when Spencer confronted Anderson about firing Joe, his boss showed him a new boat he had bought for him. And then Spencer stopped by a potential office with Joe, but he still seemed hesitant about them starting a new business. Next came the bad news: Spencer officially turned down Joe’s offer.

The Dolphins players (including Ricky and Charles) arrived at training camp with much fanfare. In the locker room, Ricky handed over his jersey number to his old rival before the team hit the field. While Ricky seemed in the grove, one of the other players were giving Charles a hard time about his return, causing a fight to break out. But clearly Charles had something to prove.

Spencer made a visit to Anderson’s house to once again tell him that firing Joe was a mistake. While Anderson kept insisting he made the right decision, Spencer was extolling the gem that was the Spencer-Joe partnership. And then he told Anderson they were a package deal. Before we saw Anderson’s answer, Spencer went to meet Joe at a bar to tell him “you should come with me”. Because apparently Anderson had invited Joe back to work for their new Sports division, now with $5 million in seed money. Joe said he had just signed a lease on his new office and his feelings were still hurt but when Spencer dangled the promise of the new speed boat, Joe caved.

Enter the rest of the shows’ main characters (including Reggie, who was welcomed back into the fold with open arms), for a celebratory party at the bar. And as the first season of Ballers came to a closer, Vernon was gifted with a $18 million check.

Ballers has already been renewed for a second season by HBO. Stay tuned for more news about a return date.


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