Bates Motel: A&E Adding After Show

by Michael Copeland / February 24, 2014

Bates Motel logoThe world is only week away from booking its second stay at Bates Motel, a scenic little destination that’s located within the idyllic small town known as White Pine Bay. The rooms are cheap, the staff is friendly, and the showers are always freshly scrubbed. Of course, there’s a high chance guests will end up getting murdered, which unfortunately is not covered by travel insurance.

Thrilled with last year’s highly rated first season, A&E wants to entice guests to stay at Bates Motel for even longer than one hour a week. Starting with next Monday’s season premiere, Bates Motel will be followed by a 30-minute after show, appropriately titled After Hours.

The show will not immediately follow Bates however, instead airing one hour later,  at 11pm. This is likely an effort by A&E to lure Bates fans into watching the 10pm series premiere of the network’s new drama “Those Who Kill.”

After Hours will feature the standard panel format of shows like AMC’s “Talking Dead,” and will include segments with series stars Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore and Max Theriot, as well as executive producers Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin.

The program will tape in front of a studio audience, and is initially being promoted as a one-off special. That said, the aforementioned “Talking Dead” was also originally supposed to be a one-off. If ratings for After Hours are good, it will likely become a regular thing.

For After Hours to ever work as an ongoing series, A&E will eventually need to find a host to guide the proceedings, as it’s doubtful that Highmore, Farmiga, and Theriot would be willing to appear every week.

Season two of Bates Motel will (like season one) consist of 10 episodes, mirroring the abbreviated season model most successfully employed by premium cable giant HBO. Are you looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble Norman and Norma get up to next?

Michael Copeland is a staff writer for ScreenFad, and has been covering TV and movie news for various websites since 2011. He'd tell you more about himself, but is afraid you might get bored.