Bates Motel: A&E Drama Renewed For Season 3

by Michael Copeland / April 10, 2014

Bates MotelJust over halfway through Bates Motel‘s second season, A&E has opted to renew the dark drama for a third season of ten more episodes.

Bates Motel has proved to be a pretty unique animal so far, serving as both a prequel to and a reinvention of the classic Alfred Hitchcock created “Psycho” film franchise. The town surrounding the titular motel has been populated with new and intriguing characters, the Bates’ have received new family members, and the relationship between mother and son is being fleshed out beyond simply “they had a quasi-incest thing going on, then he eventually murdered her.” In fact, it’s almost impossible to imagine this Norman Bates as being capable of violence toward his mother. Although he’s certainly shown himself capable of committing violence against others.

Beginning with its premiere episode, Bates Motel has easily been the top rated scripted program on A&E, drawing in over 3 million live viewers weekly, and even more via DVR. Season two has seen the numbers rise even further, so it’s no surprise at all that A&E wants another season. Especially after the uber-disappointing launch of the Chloe Sevigny fronted “Those Who Kill,”, which failed to make a dent in the ratings, and has already been shipped off to corporate sister network LMN.

With the streamlined cable format of 10 episode seasons (which has worked wonders for shows like “Game of Thrones”), it’s easy to see Bates sticking around for many more years to come. The only real question mark is whether Oscar-nominee Vera Farmiga will want to keep prioritizing TV over her movie career for that long.

Bates Motel airs Mondays at 10pm on A&E. Expect season three to premiere in March 2015.

Michael Copeland is a staff writer for ScreenFad, and has been covering TV and movie news for various websites since 2011. He'd tell you more about himself, but is afraid you might get bored.