Bates Motel – Trailer for Last 3 Episodes Unveiled

by Jon Lachonis / April 15, 2014

If you didn’t watch last night’s Bates Motel, stop reading now. Still there? Good. One thing this series has done so well is teased shades of the Norman Bates we knew before, but at the same time keeping its Norman, portrayed masterfully by Freddie Highmore, a sympathetic protagonist. Ever since last season’s cliffhanger, however after last night’s “Presumed Innocent”, it seems likely that Norman is going to cross through the threshold of madness and become the Psycho we know and love. Need more proof? Well this new trailer promoting the final three episodes of Bates Motel season 2 should help convince you. What is clear is that Norman is determined to kill someone, but who? And why? I have a theory, check it out after the trailer:

What we DON’T see here is important. As we know from “Presumed Innocent”, Norman had some form of sex with Miss Watson. Does this necessarily mean that Norman killed her? If he did that, of course, is a game changer. Right now, Norman is a kid who blacks out, who once murdered his abusive father. His inner ‘mother’ has popped up from time to time, but so far all of that could be viewed as escalation.If he were to become a killer of ‘not nice girls’ now, the tone of the series would change inextricably. But I reckon this is not what is going to happen. It’s theory time.

You will remember that Norman photographed Nick Ford at Miss Watson’s grave, and the connection between the two has yet to be fully revealed.My gut tells me Watson was Ford’s secret daughter, and that her death was in retaliation for the murder of Jerry Martin, who ran the rival Marijuana organization that Dylan presently works for. This was even foreshadowed very early in season one when Zack Shelby had said, in reference to Martin’s murder, “It will be dealt with… an eye for an eye.”

Norman’s continued obsession with Miss Watson is fueled by something strongly emotional percolating up from his subconscious. He experienced something, and likely things, while in that blackout state with Miss Watson that are screaming at his conscious mind to be let go. We now know that one of them was some hot for teacher inspired sex, could the other be actually witnessing Miss Watson’s killing.¬† Could the identity of her killer be locked away in Norman’s blackout box. And when Nick Ford learns of Norman’s involvement, what kind of hell will he rein down on the Bates family. The possibilities are downright apocalyptic.

In fact to the credit of the writers we are on the receiving end of an ever expanding evolution from Norman the boy to Norman¬† the man. It’s clear there won’t be one defining stop on Norman’s road-map to madness. In fact, his own knowledge of his emerging nature and his mother’s refusal to attempt to help him for fear of what it might reveal about him is a delectable stepping stone of its own, as we are witnessing right now, and will surely lead to more than one strand of story. For sure, Bates Motel’s creative team have seized the challenge in the best possible way: we already know how the story ends, it’s their job to make what came before even more fascinating.

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