Better Call Saul 1.10 – Finale “Marco” Photos and Predictions

by Jon Lachonis / April 6, 2015
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The day we Better Call Saul fans have dreaded has arrived. Season finale day. Don’t worry though, the series has been renewed you’ll just have to wait a stinking year to see how things turn out after the events of tonight’s episode, “Marco”. So what will happen exactly? This set of photos gives us some indicators, but let’s refer to them as ‘thought provoking teases.”

Tease Number One: Back to Bingo

Who didn’t delight in Jimmy’s run as Bingo Emcee? It looks like somehow, despite the fraud case brewing in the background, Jimmy returns for a round of Bingo. Why does he want to get back inside Sandpiper Crossing? Could it be he is there to sabotage the very case he found?

Tease Number Two: Mike

In this episode of Better Call Saul, Jimmy will return to court and will also have a discussion with Mike. Is meeting up with Mike his sole purpose, or will he be filing some court documents relevant to recent happenings?


Tease Number Three: The Bar

In the past, Jimmy’s visits to bars or eateries have kicked off major plot points. Jimmy COULD be just dropping by for a casual beer, but if history tells us anything it’s that Jimmy doesn’t visit drinking establishments without something in mind.


What We Know

Bob Odenkirk has stated that tonight’s episode features a monologue of epic length. That’s saying something since Odenkirk has delivered some fairly lengthy monologues in this first season of Better Call Saul.

It is still not known if the “Marco” of the episode title is none other than Marco Salamanca, one half of “The Cousins“, a duo of hit men that menaced Walter and Hank on Breaking Bad. If it is, that raises a big question: what is a prolific assassin like Marco doing on Better Call Saul, and more pressing: who is his target?

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