Blindspot Sneak Peek: Clouded Memories

by Alan Eggleston / October 12, 2015
Blindspot episode "Bone May Rot"

Numbers, infectious diseases, and clouded memories play heavily in this week’s new episode of Blindspot.

But first, last week. Jane Doe learned her real name, but she still doesn’t know “who she is.” The DNA test came back positive: She is Taylor Shaw, the next door neighbor who went missing that Agent Weller has been looking for all his life. But it doesn’t answer why her body was left on the FBI’s doorstep covered with tattoo clues.

However, another clue to her puzzle was revealed when more former Navy Seals were identified in a jewelry store heist, and after tracking them down one of them recognized her. Before dying from a gunshot wound and being moved by one of his collaborators from life support at the hospital, when Jane asked how he knew her he whispered, “Orion,” a clue too vague to figure out.

Meanwhile, Weller’s investigative team convinced FBI Assistant Director Mayfair to finally let Jane Doe actively participate in investigations. And Mayfair? She meets with a mysterious figure who says that the people who “did this” to Jane Doe know about “Daylight” (a new mystery for us) and only four people in the world know about that operation, and that’s serious trouble. Oh, and one of those four is already dead. Mayfair insists she is managing the situation but he insists she make it go away.

This week in “Bone May Rot,” Patterson and boyfriend David – a puzzle expert – find a tattoo clue that results in a trip for the team to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Multiple numbers discovered on Jane’s face relate to infectious diseases, which if released into the public could result in massive die offs, which trigger another clouded memory — and Jane asks Weller to tell her about the night Taylor Shaw disappeared.

See the preview below and be sure you watch Monday’s new episode of Blindspot at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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