Blindspot Sneak Peek: The Scheme of Things

by Alan Eggleston / October 5, 2015

The scheme of things tighten slowly on Blindspot this week.

Last week’s big reveal was that Special Agent Weller thought he finally knew Jane Doe’s identity based on scar on her neck. It was the same as the scar on the neck of a childhood friend, Taylor Shaw, who went missing in Weller’s distant past. This occurred at the end of the episode, after Jane helped Weller prevent a military pilot from destroying a domestic drone program by bombing the pilot operations center.

Jane also had more flashbacks into her past, including one of killing a nun – who she then realized was a soldier wearing a disguise – and the mysterious bearded man she has seen in flashbacks before.

After discovering the scar on Jane’s neck, Weller had a DNA on Jane done, which Jane learns about this week. In addition, the Navy Seals tattoo on her arm is identical to one on the arm of a thief caught at the scene of an amazing jewel theft, bringing up the hope that he might know Jane. Meanwhile, the mysterious bearded man confronts Jane with a strange warning and Weller has to decide Jane’s role on the team and how she can earn her place in it.

See the sneak peek below and don’t miss the “Eight Slim Grins” episode of Blindspot tonight at 10:00 pm ET/PT on NBC.


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