Blood & Oil Sneak Peeks: Daddy Issues

by Clarissa / October 11, 2015
Blood & Oil

There’s tension between Jules and Hap on this week’s Blood & Oil after we learned that the pair slept together secretly and it’s obvious that Wick knows nothing of the affair. When she drops Wick off at work, both Jules and Hap are trying to downplay their knowledge of one another.

Hap doesn’t suspect Wick of any wrongdoing in the oil heist any longer, so he extends an olive branch and invites him to participate in a new venture. But Wick clearly doesn’t want Billy involved in his new deal and he makes that clear to the man when he visits the site to see whether he should become an investor. Wick doesn’t seem to want Billy around to remind his father of everything that Wick isn’t, but Billy thinks that Wick disappoints his father all on his own.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Tip arrests a prime suspect in the robbery. And AJ’s true motives are revealed as he attempts to use his growing relationship with Lacey as a way to undermine Briggs oil.

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