Castle Recap: Liar Liar…Castle for Hire?

by Rebecca Riley / October 13, 2015

On this week’s episode of Castle there was a theme: lies! The victim was a pathological liar whose dirty ways ended up getting him killed, and when Ryan lied about taking a Sargent’s Test, his and Espo’s partnership became strained. All of this topped by the fact that Kate and Castle are still separated, with Kate unwilling to tell him the truth about why.

To begin, the team finds a man dead in a Church, and quickly determines his identity to be that of an acclaimed novelist. When Castle learns of this fact, from his newly hired associate/daughter Alexis, he decides it’s the perfect in to try and (continue) to win Beckett back. He is hired by the victim’s widow but he and the team find out that it was not actually the famous writer who was killed but an ordinary man claiming to be the author. And to go a step further the victim told a member of the Irish mob that he was someone completely different, an Irish mobster.

So to untangle this web of different identities Espo, Ryan, and Castle travel to a PLA (Pathological Liars Anonymous) meeting, where they question some of the victim’s friends. Eventually the clues lead them to the blind priest who ran the church where the body was found, and they discover he wasn’t actually blind.

In the interrogation room the blind priest tells them the victim was hacking into some funds for him, and this avenue of investigation leads to the main suspect being an officer in the Mayor’s office. Castle sets a trap that goes a little askew in the Church, but eventually leads to getting the suspect into custody. However, he has an alibi and it looks like the case is unsolvable.

Until Castle and Beckett work their creative juices and figure out that the person who the victim hurt the most with his lies was his wife, who believed him to be a rich and famous author. Bringing her in for questioning she confesses to killing him because he lied to her, ruined her life, and most importantly didn’t give her the lavish life she felt she deserved.

All of these lies were paralleled in the police department as Ryan, stressed about money now that a second baby is on the way, lied to Espo when they both expressed interest in taking the Sargent’s exam. Ryan claimed there were no spots left when in reality he took the last remaining slot of the test, and when Espo found out Ryan spends the rest of the episode apologizing. Eventually, Ryan offers to give Esposito his slot to take the test, but Beckett steps in and, pulling some strings, gets them both in to take it.

Beckett had her personal problems to deal with. Not only was she looking into tracking Vulcan Simmon’s drug trade by matching drug samples, but she also is continuing to deal with the fallout from leaving Castle. Martha came to visit her, and they conversed about Castle wanting Beckett back. Even while he worked the case Castle seemed to be wooing Beckett, bringing her espressos with heart shaped designs in the foam and even using his detective mind to help them along at every junction of the investigation.

Will Castle and Beckett ever work through their issues? And will she ever find the person responsible for killing her Washington team? The answers may be found on next week’s episode. So don’t miss the next Castle on October 19 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.