Castle Recap: A Nose for Crime

by Rebecca Riley / October 20, 2015

On this week’s episode of Castle, an “eye” witness lends help to the investigation, while simultaneously aiding Castle in his quest to win back Captain Beckett. There is something special about this eye witness though, in that she has hyperosmia (a super attuned sense of smell) and so even though the killer was masked, she can ID him. Meanwhile, Espo and Ryan are at odds when the Sergeant’s exam results come back, and only one of the them has passed.

Although Beckett and Castle are still separated, Castle is trying anything possible to win his detective-wife back, which this week includes going down to the precinct on the pretense of wishing Ryan and Esposito congratulations. While there, he learns about a case of a dead man in a bullet-proof sports car shot to death, and the witness who can smell not only what was in the briefcase but also everything about the killer.

Castle decides that he will use this extremely sarcastic and somewhat unpleasant Mia (yet funnily so) with hyper-acute olfactory senses to smell when Beckett’s pheromones are indicating amusement, love, or annoyance, so that he can gage his behavior accordingly. It goes well for the majority of the case, with Mia giving thumbs up when Castle poses a particularly well-thought our theory, and again when he and Beckett team up to theorize about the whereabouts of the killer.

Unfortunately things didn’t go so well for Detective Ryan and, as of now, Sergeant Esposito. Both getting the results back and having only Espo pass caused some tension between the partners. This tension was only heightened when, in pursuit of a suspect, Ryan accidentally shoots Javier in the butt. Everyone else in the precinct finds it hilarious, except for Beckett who, after a full day of fighting, orders the two to either work it out on their own or in a therapists office.

Back on the case, it is revealed that the dead-man was a transporter for expensive (and sometimes illegal works) but in this particular instance poached another transporters job in order to steal a very rare and very expensive Van Gogh painting. This painting however turns out to be a fake. Which is where our old friend Hayley, the woman who helped Castle find the disappeared Beckett a few weeks ago, comes into play. She was hired by the insurance company to retrieve the painting and stays on to help with the investigation. Eventually, the discover that the victim’s brother, an art student, painted the forgery and was in cahoots with the second transport driver to steal the original Van Gogh. Things didn’t go as planned and he ended up shooting his own brother for the money the painting would provide. Case closed.

Although the case was solved, everything has not been solved in Castle and Beckett’s relationship. In the ending minutes she goes back to Castle’s loft, alone, with the sole purpose of collecting the rest of her things. It looks like the separation is official, however hope is not completely lost. Mia points out to Castle that in her work making perfumes she tries very hard to fabricate the smell of true love, and that what Kate feels for him his love with a deep passion. This should come as no surprise considering Rick and Kate’s rich history and feelings, but viewers will have to wait and see if they can figure out their marital problems.

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