Castle Sneak Peek: Pheromones are in the Air

by Rebecca Riley / October 19, 2015

On the next Castle, a witness to a crime has a very unique talent that will help catch the killer, and possibly help Rick and Kate’s relationship in the process. The witness has hyperosmia (a heightened olfactory acuity), or in layman’s terms… a super nose. Castle notices this when said witness comes into the precinct and says that she knows Beckett “has the hots for him” by the way that Kate’s pheromones smells.

Due to the fact that Kate has just told Castle she is going to pick up the rest of her stuff from his loft, effectively making their separation official, Castle decides to use this witness to his benefit. The promo for the new episode of Castle this week shows that when love is in the air, this lady will smell it.

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