Chicago Fire Recap: Some of Chicago

by Rebecca Riley / October 21, 2015

On this week’s episode of Chicago Fire, Gabriela has decided to transfer to the Arson investigative division of the firefighting department. This move is the direct result of her very recent pregnancy, and while the original plan was for her and Casey to keep it a secret, Gabby seems to have blurted it out to everyone, so the baby is no longer under wraps. Her first day in the Arson unit is intense, as the burning crack house that 51 responded to last week is deemed “suspicious unknown” which means they think its arson but can’t prove it. Dawson takes it upon herself to inspect further, including a walk through of the house, but her new commander tells her to be patient and that arson is incredibly difficult to prove.

Helping Gabby consult on her case, Casey gets an idea about where Catya’s journal might be. Although her death is hitting him hard, he is more concerned with finding the journal to take down Nesbitt, the government informant who Casey is convinced is still working for the human traffickers. Matt even takes his concerns to the Chicago PD, but they tell him to back off. It isn’t until Matt looks over the file on Dawson’s crack house that he figures out Catya’s journal is in the dry wall back at the bar. Upon discovering the journal Matt is chased down by Nesbitt, held at gunpoint (again) and is in quite the dire predicament until the police arrest Nesbitt. Finally!

In addition to the drama outside the Firehouse, there was some pretty high intensity action inside. The trucks got a call to an accident in which two victims were caught inside an armored car, and when trying to right the car the chains slipped, causing both the car and Casey (who was working on the roof) to go down an embankment. Thankfully the Captain caught Casey in time and they were able to get everyone out, and stop two thugs who came up to the scene looking to steal some gold. Also, our favorite paramedics had a call for a heart attack on the beach where, in performing an electric shock to the man’s heart, accidentally shocked his fiancé when she left her hands on during the call of “clear.” Luckily Chile and Brett were able to save them both, and while at the hospital steal a visit to the baby whom they saved last week.

And lastly, Molly’s bar was under attack this week as the new neighbors from Portland decided to file a suit, complaining that the establishment wasn’t following noise regulations, prompting Herman to say he was gonna “give them some of Chicago.” But after calming down he goes over to their house with a sweet pie and sweeter words about how the bar is a safe haven for the heroes of this city, the Portlandians insulted his family, refused the food, and told him to shove off. That forced Herman into action, deciding that noise warfare was the way to go, and proceeded to make it karaoke night in Molly’s.

Although Severide’s transition from Lieutenant to a regular firefighter has been rough, it looks like he has found a lady-friend in his leadership seminar, and they engaged in some intimacy this week, but is this something that will last? And will the Internal Affairs investigation opened about the events of the crack house fire be continued, despite Kelley’s attempt to bring a witness forward? Be sure to watch next week to see.

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