Chicago Fire Season 4 Premiere Recap: Babies and Neighbors

by Rebecca Riley / October 14, 2015

Picking up after last season’s cliffhanger, Chicago Fire continues the dramatic story lines of both Gaby’s pregnancy and Matt’s disappearance. Opening this week’s premiere of Chicago Fire is Gabriella finding Katia’s body in Matt’s empty apartment and her immediate alert to Chicago PD. They track Matt to the bar, where Nesbitt and his team of thugs (suspected of human trafficking) are holding him at gunpoint. He manages to escape and takes his fists to Nesbitt’s face as revenge for ratting him out to the thugs. Unfortunately it is revealed not soon after that Nesbitt is working for the FBI, a fact which Casey doesn’t quite believe, and is walking free despite the assumption he got Katia killed.

Back at the firehouse, Matt has bandaged up his wounds and insists he is fine. Gabby is drinking decaf but has yet to tell anyone about her condition. Soon the EMT’s get called away on a call where they must deliver a baby on site while the mother has a gunshot wound to her upper chest. Unfortunately the mom codes shortly after the newborn is delivered. Chile and Brett both appear emotionally disturbed but ease their worries when later they visit the hospital to see the baby is alive and healthy.

Severide is dealing with his own problems, when in an effort to cut down on the turnaround in employees, he is stripped of his title as Lieutenant, mandated to take a seminar for “troubled leaders”, and then forced to work under a new Lieutenant. While out on a call this leads to tension, and the tension is not resolved as in the ending few minutes Severide reveals that he may not come back to 51.

The call itself was interesting this week, as a drug-den went up in flames and the neighborhood residents blocked the streets, leading to an inability for the fire trucks to get through. Fortunately, Casey got to relive some anger by smashing some cars out of the way, while the new Lieutenant of 51 simply drove his squad truck through the obstacles. While the firefighters worked to put out the flames, Dawson was put in danger when the roof collapsed into a neighboring home, where she was retrieving a resident. Casey showed obvious concern but everyone got out safely, except for one citizen who was in the drug den did not survive, a fact that Herman told the on looking neighbors “made him sick.”

With the days events over everyone meets back at Molly’s, where not only do they get a drink but also get to meet the new neighbors form Oregon whom immediately complain about the noise and the hours of the bar. They could be trouble. This is also the moment that Casey/Dawson fans have been waiting for, as Casey rushes into the bar and heads directly for Gabby. After seeing her in danger that day, he comes to the realization that she is the only thing that makes sense, and matters, to him. He confesses he loves her, which in turn leads to her tearful confession that she is pregnant. They embrace, both smiling and crying tears of joy: a lovely moment to end such a high-intensity premiere.

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