Supernatural Press Room at Comic-Con: The Stars and Producers Drop Spoilers for Season 9

by Clarissa / July 21, 2013

Supernatural Press RoomAfter the Supernatural panel earlier today at Comic-Con, we visited the press room and spoke with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer, asking them to elaborate on the teasers they dropped during the panel. Fortunately, they were able to give us a bit more information.

Sam and Dean’s Journey

“This is probably our most character-driven season,” Singer said. Like they said in the Supernatural panel, Sam and Dean are on fairly decent ground after choosing to stick together instead of Sam sacrificing himself to close the Gates of Hell. Jensen said that season 9 picks up right where season 8 left off, and the brothers’ choice will “parlay into how their relationship is in season 9. They have no choice now but to unite and figure out how to navigate this whole new element that’s on their plate.” They’re not sure whether angels will be friend or foe or whether that’s solely on a case-by-case basis, but that leaves a lot of questions to be answered. “I like the fact that Dean is now not playing the guilty cheerleader anymore,” Jensen said. He explained that Dean obviously felt he should have been the one to do the trials and he had a lot of guilt that Sam took them on and suffered for it. “Now that that’s over with, Dean has a clear idea of ‘back on the horse, here we go, we’ve got stuff to deal with’.”

Carver teased the brothers’ individual arcs by saying that last season “Sam got to a place last year where he was, essentially, in it to win it. He was going to go all the way.” But Dean pulled him back from that and they had a nice “confrontation in the church where they got out some stuff that was bothering them.” But the result of that talk was a lot of fallout (no angels in Heaven and no king in Hell, which has never really happened before in Supernatural). “Sam is ready to knock [the demons] down one by one.” Meanwhile, Dean had to make a big decision last year to pull Sam out of that church and he made promises to his brother and “that’s going to continue early in the season that there are some decisions that Dean is shoulder that is going to be driving some of the mythology early on in the season here. It’s very, very personal to our brothers and it’s a very, very heavy weight to bear, potentially.”

Jared shared that Sam has always been the type of guy with a goal. But Sam is committed to the promise that he and Dean made in the church. “Now we do know how to cure a demon and we have the King of Hell in our basement.” Sam is going to be very driven to want to cure demons. “Sam likes things that can be finished. This is going to be endless, presumably. But I think his main objective now is curing demons.” Jared did say that he’s most excited for a storyline that the thought the producers would reveal in the Supernatural panel but which is still under wraps and it seems to tie in to what Carver hinted at. “The way Sam heals involves a big secret between Sam and Dean that Sam is not aware of and that Dean keeps from him. We’ll see Sam go through changes regularly that I can’t wait for. I think the fans will love it.”

The Men of Letters Bunker will continue to serve the brothers in the upcoming episode of Supernatural, whether as a home base for Dean or a research station for Sam and the group in general. They’ve essentially outgrown the scope of their father’s journal in terms of what they’re dealing with, so the knowledge in the Men of Letters is crucial.

The Angel Posse

Singer confirmed that the fallen angels will basically have all of their angelic powers, but have no wings. They can no longer teleport, but they can use their other powers, including smiting and healing. “There are different factions of angels, because all of them fell. Some of them desperately want to get back to Heaven, some are trying to find a place on earth, so there’s battles amongst the angels.” Could we see some past angels return? Singer noted that they killed both Alfie and Naomi, but hinted that they could reintroduce some angels.

Castiel’s Assimilation

“It’s a different version of Cas [we’ll be seeing],” Misha said But unlike other character evolutions we’ve seen in the past, “it’s not like a switch has been thrown in his personality like when he became crazy or when he became God or when he became Jimmy. It’s still the same Cas we know, but he’s been stripped of his powers and mortal and human and faced with what that means for him.” How he will cope with all of these “new issues that being human brings up” will be a big focus of season 9. They’re dealing with this on all levels, “from the basest biological functions all the way up to sort of a metaphysical question, like [Cas wondering] ‘what does this mean my purpose on the planet is’?”

Supernatural Press RoomCas being without his powers will be a big source of frustration. One problem early on in the season is that when the Winchesters call on him, he used to be able to teleport, but now it takes “a couple of weeks for him to get there.” In addition, “All of the ways in which he used to be helpful to be helpful in the past…most of them are gone. He’s a bit of a resource for intelligence, he knows stuff, perhaps, that he can share with the Winchesters. But beyond that he’s kind of useless. He’s a human, but he’s not accustomed to being human. So he’s bad at that, even.” Misha believes this really solves the writers’ problems of not giving the Winchesters an ally that can solve every problem with a snap of his fingers.

Jensen said that they haven’t flushed out too much about how the relationship between Cas and the Winchesters will change as a result of him becoming human. “It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Castiel and, not just Dean but Dean and Sam, goes from here given the fact that he’s just a regular guy. Might have a few training sessions in store,” he laughed.

Misha said that in the beginning of the season he’s dealing with the fallen angels by “trying to run and hide because they are pursing him and he’s pretty powerless to fight them head on.” He declined to tell us whether Castiel has any allies, but Jared did say that “some believe in Cas, some are on his side.”

I asked Misha whether he might want to see Castiel deliberate about his future and whether he would want to remain a human or become an angel again. “Without telling you whether that’s an option to him or not, I will tell you that it’s a question that is explored,” Misha said. “Like, is this where he wants to be or not? As yet, one that is unresolved.”

Crowley and the Hell Void

Like the angel scuffles, Singer said that the demons will also be responding to the vacuum in Hell that’s happened as a result of Crowley’s disappearance, with a lot of in-fighting coming up in season 9.

Dean and Sam will be trying to figure out how to handle Crowley. Now that he’s trapped in the Men of Letters bunker, Jensen said that “they think that he is going to better serve them alive than dead, so they want to extract as much knowledge out of him as possible.”

Could Abaddon make a reappearance? Jeremy said that Abaddon has been a terrific, fun new demon. “Hell is something of an open target and I could expect that someone like Abaddon might make a run at it.”

The Lonely Heaven

It turns out that Metatron is all by himself up in Heaven now that he caused all of the angels to fall. When will we see him again? Singer said that he’s exacted his revenge, but he’s finding the result lonely, and perhaps he didn’t think this whole revenge thing through. There are still souls in Heaven, but Metatron and his lonely Heaven will play out more in the second half of the season.

Supernatural Press RoomThe Return of Recurring Characters

Jim Beaver’s return has been confirmed by the Supernatural producers and so we had to ask about Bobby’s reappearance during season 9. “He will be back very early in the season. He comes back in a way that I think is unexpected. It’s not in a traditional way,” Singer said. Carver went on to say “it’s a pretty powerful arrival” and that “it’s very much in keeping with the mythology in that we’re not breaking a boatload of rules just to bring back a character.”

In addition, Singer confirmed that Charlie will return in episode 9.04 and possibly a few more episodes after that, but they’re not that far ahead yet. Also, Kevin will be returning and Carver confirmed that Jodi Mills didn’t die and we will see her soon.

Other Future Storylines

“We’re doing an episode that, for the moment, we’re callling ‘Dr. Dean-little’ where he can talk to animals,” Singer said, noting that throwing in a few wacky Supernatural episodes each season is fun. In addition, he told our table not to count out the Tablets quite yet. While they don’t seem to be the focus of the first part of the season, he also said that another new Tablet might rear its head in the future. “We’ll pay all that off.”

Supernatural returns for its ninth season on Tuesday, October 15 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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