The Vampire Diaries at Comic-Con: The Stars and Executive Producer Tease Season 5

by Clarissa / July 20, 2013

The Vampire DiariesThe Vampire Diaries’ fourth season ended with a death (Bonnie), a few revived lives (Jeremy and Katherine) and a twist doppelganger ending that no one really saw coming. Poor Stefan is stuck at the bottom of a quarry as Silas takes over his life. Klaus has departed for New Orleans and his own spin-off show, while Bonnie’s death will go unknown by her friends for a while. And Matt, Caroline and Elena will be starting a new chapter in their lives with college. Of course, another big challenge is Katherine’s new humanity, which is clearly something she won’t be pleased about.

Stars Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham, Candice Accola and producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries came to Comic-Con to tease season 5 and tell fans what’s coming next in Mystic Falls. We’ll be doing a live-blog of the panel (and sharing some press room spoilers), so keep refreshing!

[Press room spoiler: Dries said that the show will show Katherine attempting to become a vampire again in the season 5 premiere, but she realizes she can’t turn back. That won’t change her personality, because she’ll continue to be conniving and bitchy, but now will have to adjust to life as a human.]

4.52 p.m. – Will Elena and Damon run happily ever after? Plec said that they’re going to try to keep them happy for as long as they can, although they can’t stop the bad things from happening around them. Somerhalder said he thought they were joking about Elena and Damon, because “Damon never gets the girl,” he said sadly. “Don’t downplay the Smolderhalder,” Wesley instructed. Somerhalder says that seeing Damon in love with Elena will be great because he’ll be “smitten and sweet”, which is not the kind of characteristics Damon usually displays.

4.55 p.m. – Will Silas be the big villain for the season? Plec says that the “big bad” doesn’t regularly launch the season and often gets vanquished or topped by a bigger bad, which made Wesley grumble.

4.57 p.m. – Dobrev says that Katherine has been using vampirism as an advantage to get what she wants and now that she doesn’t have that she’ll be “lost and weak and insecure. She can’t compel herself free clothes anymore, so what will she wear?” “Nothing,” Wesley cut in.

5.00 p.m. – What will college life be like Caroline? Accola says that Caroline is pretty determined to get Tyler to college now that Klaus is gone. She’s very excited about these vampire girls having to live in a human world. “They can’t get by with the same tricks they pulled in Mystic Falls.” When asked about whether Caroline might get a new man, she said “there are some apples to be picked.”

5.02 p.m. – The only person that Bonnie can communicate with is Jeremy, so you’ll see some “Beremy” action, Graham said. We’ll see her journey there and how long she can keep the secret of being on the other side. Plec said we will also be seeing Bonnie come to terms of the loss of her own life after sacrificing so much for her friends.

[Press room spoiler: We will finally be learning more about “the other side” via Bonnie’s story this season, said Dries, and she will be interacting with characters there. But the writers have no immediate plans to bring Bonnie back to life at this time.]

5.07 p.m. – Plec says that we will learn more about why Silas is the way he is and what turned him that way. Does that mean we’ll learn more about Katsiya? Quite possibly.

5.13 p.m. – An audience member asked if Klaus would return next season. “Never say never, I’d say, but he’s going to have his hands full in New Orleans,” Plec said. But the question is whether Caroline will have her hands full of Klaus, she joked.

5.18 p.m. – If they could bring any dead character back, who would it be? “Alaric,” Plec said. When Wesley asked if the other side was closed, Plec retorted “says who?”.

5.22 p.m. – Somerhalder closed the panel by thanking the fans for sticking by them “even when our storylines suck, even when our acting sucks.”

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