The X-Files at Comic-Con: The Stars and Producers Reunite for the 20th Anniversary

by Clarissa / July 18, 2013

The X-FilesThis is the panel a lot of Comic-Con attendees have been waiting for: the X-Files reunion (in fact, I spotted fans lining up for this panel last night around 11.00 p.m). TV Guide has brought stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson together with series creator Chris Carter and writers/producers David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban, Jim Wong to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the show’s premiere. As a fan of the X-Files series, I’m thrilled to be in the audience for the panel and I’ll be live-blogging the event. Keep refreshing the page for more details!

3.36 p.m. – Moderator Michael Schneider is introducing the illustrious panelists. Vince Gillian (nominated today for an Emmy for Breaking Bad) and Howard Gordon (creator of Homeland) walk in to shrieks and cheers. Think about the sheer amount of talent sitting at the table now and what the writers of X-Files went on to do for television.

3.39 p.m. – We take a trip down memorial lane with the original opening credits of The X-Files. Then David and Gillian enter in the dark, with flashlights.

3.43 p.m. – Carter thinks back to creating the show back in 1993. He had pitched the show to Fox once but they turned him down. He pitched it again “with visual aids” (“a survey and some stuff”). Gillian says “I didn’t realize that Mulder was so cool until a few years later. I should have gone there sooner.”

3.45 p.m. – Vince insists “there would be no Breaking Bad without The X-Files”. When the opportunity arose for him to write for it “I felt very, very lucky. I learned everything that I know about producing for television from this job.” Howard says that the show was “like a group of people that taught each other. I learned an awful lot and carry it with me and think of it still.”

3.47 p.m. – When asked if they would ever bring the show back as a limited series like they’re doing with 24, Gillian said “no, but [another] film would be great.”

3.50 p.m. – Writer John’s son played Scully’s baby at 6 weeks old. He had reddish hair at the time, John explained, and then the son came on stage to wave hello to the audience as Gillian joked “that’s our son.”

3.51 p.m. – The official season 10 comic book is now out and blessed by Chris. While it focuses more of a stand-alone mythology, it is true to the history. We’re seeing a lot of old characters in those comics, including Skinner.

3.52 p.m. – The writers had a big argument about killing The Lone Gunmen. They said “they’re just such amazing characters.” So when it came the time that The Lone Gunman series was not picked up they wanted to give closure to the characters. Some writers were for it, others were against.

3.54 p.m. – When asked about the episode “Home”, Glen said any episode or story has a lot of different sources. His wife said “you have to watch this movie My Brother’s Keeper”. From that, he and Jim started coming back to this idea. He said that maybe it wasn’t a great look at the truth of some people because it had one airing and then “got banned”.

4.00 p.m. – When asked some of his favorite Mulder-Scully episodes, David said the dance scene in “Post-Modern Prometheus” always sticks with him. What about some of the favorite baddies? David Amann: the guy in “Paper Hearts”. He said that the show always invested great character elements into the villains. Vince’s favorite guest star was Clive Bruckman. Vince also said that Bryan Cranston appeared in a season 6 episode and he ended up casting him in Breaking Bad.

4.04 p.m. – Howard says that Krycek was originally someone to fill space during Gillian’s maternity leave, but he evolved so much. Glen says his favorite baddie is Eugene Victor Tooms and Jim’s favorite villain was Cigarette Smoking Man. Gillian admits she was also going to say Tooms was her favorite villain but then said “the bounty hunter”. Chris’ favorite villians were “the Peacock Brothers” and then gave a nod to John Neville, who played the well-manicured man who recently died. Then they mentioned Kim Manners, who also worked on the show and then passed away while working on Supernatural.

4.10 p.m. – An accidence member asked “what would Mulder and Scully do if they went on a real, live date? “Have sex,” Gillian said sardonically. “Then…maybe dinner?” David tacked on.

4.13 p.m. – When asked when the panelists think that Mulder and Scully first fell in love, Chris said “I think it’s when [Scully] first walked into [Mulder’s] office.”

4.14 p.m. – Gillian says that “Scully had quite a huge impact on people [especially women]. Aspects of personality and her personal strength and things that she stood up for. She was also a decent human being.” Chris said “Scully is kind of my fantasy woman”. She was tough, resourceful, opinionated and all of those things he likes in a woman.

4.19 p.m. – When asked about balancing mythology and monsters-of-the-week, Chris says “we showed you could have a spine to the show which was an ongoing storyline that people could come back to week after week”. He said that they always knew there would be a mythology component and did a two-partner in season 2 (“Colony” and “Endgame”) and the fans ate it up and they knew they could do big mythology episodes several times a season.

4.21 p.m. – Gillian was really impressed how many more women went into physics as a result of Scully and in a textbook she once saw something called “The Scully effect” about more women going into the field then they had seen before.

4.26 p.m. – Darin said he had the idea for the episode “Jose Chung from Outer Space” long before he worked there. Jim warned him to “never bring it up again”, he said laughingly, but then Jim left the show and the episode was born.”

4.29 p.m. – When asked if Gillian and David would ever work together in a non-X-Files show, David said “I’ve always felt there was something so special about Mulder and Scully. I love Gillian and I’d love to work with her but it would have to be something I can’t think of to cross that line.”

4.30 p.m. – As for the future of the franchise, Chris admitted that seeing all of these people here at Comic-Con inspires him to do another film.

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