Cristela Recap: Keeping Score and Being Gifted

by Brianna Martinez / February 28, 2015
1.14-Gifted and Talented

Izzie potentially getting into the gifted and talented program at school becomes a way to examine something that seems so very important in terms of the family dynamic and how Natalia has looked at Cristela and Daniela’s upbringing and their critiquing of it. It becomes the heart of the episode and quite honestly, the highlight.

This week’s Cristela begins with an upset Cris getting kicked out of Izzie’s soccer game because she continued to insist and shout that they actually keep score during the game, if not it’s just “a bunch of girls jogging.” While she’s got a point and makes it clear that she’s right when she speaks with the ref, she discovers that he’s also the head of the gifted and talented program at the school. Cue total turn around for Cristela, featuring the classic “is there a Mrs. Whistle?”

From that point on, the pressure’s on for Izzie. It doesn’t seem like she minds it, though. What comes from the test prep, though, dredges up some interesting thoughts from Natalia as she continuously insists that her granddaughter testing for the program is a bad idea. While, there are a few laughs had at the whole situation, mostly at Daniela’s expense, it soon strikes a nerve with Cristela, especially since it was her dream to get into the program as child only to have failed the test.

Cristela’s hopes are temporarily dashed as she finds out that Izzie failed the test on purpose to keep from hurting Henry’s feelings. Thanks to Cris’ determination and newfound friendship with the ref/program coordinator, as they funnily bonded over their opinion that sports need scores, she manages to get Izzie a re-testing opportunity.

The moment she announces this to Natalia, Daniela, and Felix, Natalia is the one to make her thoughts on the whole situation very clear while letting slip that Cristela may have not necessarily have been rejected from the program. Tensions rise between the two as Cris takes it all in, making it possible for a very important point of view to be expressed.

I’m sure every parent lives with the intense need to protect their child from certain aspects in the world, including protecting them from peers while also dealing with the fear that they may not be providing enough. That’s exactly what Natalia seems to have gone through and her powerful moment with Cristela shows that while she had good intentions, she was keeping her from accomplishing what she came to this country for in the first place…to provide a better life for her children. To see it be dealt with like this head on was interesting and offered us more of a look into why Natalia is the way she is.

The entire exchange was absolutely well-done and provided a lot of the emotion during the episode and also provided a chance for Cris to understand where her mother’s coming from, ending in the closest thing to an apology we’ll hear from Natalia and her willingness to help Izzie study for the re-test.

This show continues to show while they can provide the funny, they can provide quite a lot of heart.

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