Cristela Recap: Pre-Nups and Date Night

by Brianna Martinez / February 21, 2015
1.13- Marriage, Counselor

Cristela attempted to use her relationship therapist skills as Veronica and Trent attempt to finalize their divorce and Felix and Daniela deal with the real events of the night they met, making for some predictably funny adversarial moments, the kind that can be expected with Roseanne’s second guest appearance on the show.

Cristela is the chosen one at work, as Trent asks her to go to his ex-wife to be to sign a pre-nup; the pre-nup he failed to have her sign before they got married. She takes this opportunity to play (re)matchmaker and attempt to keep the pair together, which throughout the episode, seems like a very real possibility…that is, until they realize that the part of their marriage that worked for them best was the sex. A fact that was hilariously and awkwardly made clear to Cris when she asked about reconciliation.

While she’s dealing with the Veronica/Trent situation at work, Cristela finds herself in the middle of a similar situation as Felix and Daniela plan a date night and the possibility of a bowling alley date comes up. While the pair adorably talk about the first night they met, they find out that Felix’s ex-girlfriend worked there and that their break up was less than amicable—according to him.

Daniela seems only more resolute in going so, the moment they head to the bowling alley and find themselves face to face with Lucia, and suddenly Felix’s story about the night he met Daniela changes and she finds out that he didn’t dump Lucia. Rather, it was the other way around, causing a bit of a rift between the two. Cristela takes it upon herself (again) and attempts to resolve their issues (successfully), playing ultimate shipper with funny, and ultimately, adorable results, as she tells them that they ruined marriage for her because they set the bar so high.

Veronica meeting Natalia was pretty funny at the beginning of the episode and I absolutely loved the reference to Roseanne, as she told Cris, “I’m just looking at your living room. It reminds me of a place I lived in for nine years.”

Cristela’s absolute disdain for hazelnut is warranted. I mean, have you tasted hazelnut? Though, seeing her make the coffee just the way her mother liked it was pretty adorable.

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