Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2: Meet the New Characters

by Shilo Adams / March 6, 2014
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da vinci's demonsStarz has released new character photos for the four additions to Da Vinci’s Demons this season, as well as a featurette that spotlights who each character is and how they relate to Leonardo’s journey toward enlightenment and self-actualization.

Among the figures that Leonardo will be encountering this season are Ima (Carolina Guera), a formidable Incan High Priestess who slowly warms up to da Vinci; King Ferrante (Matthew Marsh), fearsome ruler of Naples and member of an unlikely alliance; Duke Alfonso (Kieran Bew), Ferrante’s ambidextrous son who proves quite the match for da Vinci; and Amerigo Vespucci (Lee Boardman), whose connections prove valuable to da Vinci and friends.

Season two of Da Vinci’s Demons will find Leonardo further committing himself to finding the Book of Leaves, thus answering the questions he has about the mother he doesn’t remember, while trying to keep Florence from being swallowed up in a feat of Roman aggression and protecting the positions of Lorenzo and Clarice after the Pazzi assassination attempt. Along with Zoroaster and Nico, Leonardo will be traveling to distant lands to expand his already considerable knowledge base and put together the remaining puzzle pieces to figure out who he is, yet he’s going to be tethered to Florence due to his responsibilities to the de Medici dynasty and the love he developed for the city since he moved there. Is Leonardo going to be able to balance his two worlds and figure out a way to find everything he’s looking for?

The second season of Da Vinci’s Demons is set to premiere Saturday, March 22nd at 9:00 on Starz. You can check out teasers for season two here, as well as a trailer here and additional photos here. Be sure to click below to view the new character photos.

Will you be watching Da Vinci’s Demons this season? Which new character looks the most promising? Can Leonardo keep Rome at bay while locating the Book of Leaves and finding the answers he so desperately seeks?


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