Elementary 2.24 Review: Brotherly Love

by Mel BiJeaux / May 16, 2014

elem2.24.1Elementary has done and excellent job this season of balancing the serialized crime drama with the emotional aspects of great character development. Mycroft Holmes has been a wonderful addition of late and he will be missed, but hopefully he won’t be gone for long. And now, with Mycroft in real danger from a MI-6 mole, Sherlock learns a few things that change his views on his brother and perhaps his partner.

I’ll go on record saying that I adore Mycroft. I love the way Rhys Ifans plays him, I love the chemistry between him and Joan and with Sherlock. I love that despite making some bad choices, and despite Sherlock’s cantankerous moods, he still loves his brother. I’ve never had a problem with him and Joan in a relationship, as long as she had all the facts going in.

It was nice to see Sherlock and Joan having a strained working relationship over the fact that he caught her in bed with Mycroft. You can blame brotherly jealousy and the fact that Sherlock doesn’t share things well, but mostly I think he believes Mycroft isn’t anywhere near good enough for his Watson.

Despite purporting to hate his brother, Sherlock will help him with his mole problem, hiding him in an opulent library while he and Watson struggle to work together in order to find out that MI-6 handler Sherington was the real mole. But the frame job is a good one and Mycroft doesn’t think Sherlock and Watson can uncover the truth in time so he cuts a deal – with the NSA.

elem2.24.2We learned that Mycroft did everything with MI-6 in order to protect his brother from prosecution my MI-6 during his drug days. Finally Sherlock learns this truth as well, and it changed something in him toward his brother. Maybe he feels like he owes Mycroft a fix, maybe it’s amends taught to him by his sober classes.

The real crux of this episode lies with where the great Watson and Holmes partnership. Joan is grateful to have been in Sherlock’s orbit, learning from him. But rightfully, she wants her own space. It was heartbreaking to see Sherlock admit that he would change for her – not many guys would admit that. He doesn’t like change and he doesn’t want to lose the best thing in his life. This is akin to Watson getting married in canon, and I predict that Joan may not get far in her apartment searching.

Remember that bag of heroin Sherlock pinched from a crime scene? Well, it looks like, from that last scene, he’s planning on using it. It also looks like he wants to go back to Britain, accepting a job offer from MI-6.

Is Sherlock contemplating falling off the wagon to force Joan to stay with him? Or is he thinking about leaving New York entirely? Maybe he thinks he’s got nothing left to stay for – without Joan and losing his brother all in one night. I fully admit to getting teary eyed watching Mycroft tell them NSA had faked his death and they might not see him again for a long time.

What did you think of the season finale? I hope Mycroft will turn up again. And I fervently hope Sherlock doesn’t fall off the wagon to force Joan’s hand. Surely he’s not that selfish. I guess we have to wait til next season to find out!

Elementary airs Thursdays on CBS and returns this fall for season 3!

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