Elementary 3.07 Review: Murder Smells Nice

by Mel BiJeaux / December 12, 2014
Ancient History

As much as I love Elementary, the last few cases have been drudgery to get through. Unfortunately, this spice-scented case was no different. It may just be that Elementary is putting out all their ho-hum episodes in preparation for February Sweeps, but it doesn’t make staying up later to watch any easier.

That isn’t to say that the more character driven plots have not been good, they’ve just been too few and far between. The moments where Sherlock and Joan work around their differences and their needs and the obvious connection between them both have always been far more interesting than the case-of-the-week. But so far this season with Joan struggling to maintain her autonomy as a detective without being sucked back into Sherlock’s gravitational pull, has put a strain on their relationship.

Tension can be fun, but they seem to be hashing out the same territory every episode and not moving on to anything new with Watson and Holmes. And since the relationship between Watson-Holmes is the cornerstone of this show, making them plow the same fields in their personal problems is boring. I miss the days of last season here Watson’s life being in danger caused some pretty interesting changes in Sherlock.

Then, of course, there is Kitty – nicely shoehorned into the mix to substitute for the lack of Watson-Holmes screen time. I will say that she has become less irritating and uninteresting, now that the chip on her shoulder or ego or whatever has been filed down a bit.

The case in this episode wasn’t hard to figure out when you have Sherlock stating right from the beginning that it wasn’t one nutmeg perfumed serial killer disappearing all these people, but many killers. And like many other crime dramas these days, you know the bad guys have to have “cleaners” to make sure their work disappears forever. The Blacklist had a particularly creepy cleaner in the Stewmaker, and Elementary jumped on that bandwagon as well.

A baddie turning murder victims into people-soup that goes down the drain is nothing new, even if his dissolving agent smells of nutmeg. The show spent the better portion of the hour running around in circles, finding the killer then losing him, only to blackmail the father of the protege killer into giving up his son.

As fun as it is seeing Jonny Lee Miller be brilliant and quirky, this case was still a snore.

Eve Joan’s struggling with not wanting to give into conformity of a regular life wasn’t enough to life this episode’s spirits. She wants the adventure that her new life brings, and with than new lesions with guys, but some part of her thinks she needs to settle down with just one dude. So she gets aggravated when Sherlock points out that there is no law stating she can’t have casual relationships. He just does it in his usual insulting way.

I guess my favorite part is when Sherlock tells Joan that she is, despite all odds, still incredibly interesting to him after all this time. Again, more proof that getting back to the Watson-Holmes dynamic is paramount for this show.

The good thing is, next week’s episode seems to have a more personal edge for Sherlock.

Elementary airs Thursday December 18th at 10/9c on CBS.

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