Gotham Preview: Ben McKenzie and the Cast Tease the Show

by Clarissa / June 26, 2014

GothamDetails are slowly trickling out for Gotham, the new Fox series that serves as a prequel to the Batman films and tells the tale of how the villains of the city became evil masterminds. Recently, DC All Access chatted with the stars of the show about their characters and the missing chapters of the Batman story that this show will tell. The cast is careful not to drop too many teasers, but they do give a few hints about what’s to come:

-Selina Kyle won’t meet Bruce Wayne at the beginning of Gotham, but she will eventually get close to the young boy and James Gordon.

-The relationship between James and Bruce is the “underpinning of the entire show,” says Ben McKenzie.

-Oswald and James are adversaries, but Robin Taylor says the two of them both “need each other”.

-While Fish Mooney is a new character created for Gotham, Jada Pinkett Smith says that her character is one who will greatly influence how all of the other characters turn into the ones we know from the comics and other Batman movies. Taylor says Fish teaches “Penguin everything he needs to know about badassery”.

Watch the interviews with the Gotham cast below. Gotham will air on Monday nights on Fox this fall. You can watch an extended trailer for the series here.

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