Gotham Preview – No Joke(er)? Promo Pics and Clips

by Jon Lachonis / February 16, 2015
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Last week Gotham teased the introduction of The Joker, the most iconic villain of the famed franchise—but will we actually see him on tonight’s episode “The Blind Fortune Teller”? In recent weeks Bruno Heller has said they would give a little taste of The Joker this season, but Heller recently told Hollywood Reporter that the preview, which features Shameless’s Cameron Monaghan looking very Jokerish, is not bait and switch and that Monaghan may or may not be the joker.

Here’s what we do know about the next episode of Gotham. Jim takes Dr. Thompkins (Guest Star Morena Baccarin) out on a date to the circus, but the romantic gesture is foiled when the circus comes under attack by a mysterious foe. Certainly sounds like it could be the Joker’s doing, but since Monaghan is considerably younger than the Joker from the comics and films it could merely be a genesis moment for him.

Elsewhere in the episode Falcone calls on Butch Gilzean to help The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) to get his night club in shape after the disastrous opening last week. Fish Mooney continued to fight for her life in the mysterious gulag. Bruce Wayne takes on the board of Wayne Enterprises, making himself a big target.

Gotham “The Blind Fortune Teller” premieres tonight at 8pm on FOX.

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