Gotham: Robin Lord Taylor Previews Oswald’s Story in Season 2

by Clarissa / September 24, 2015

Oswald Cobblepot achieved great power when he became the mafia kind of Gotham at the end of season 1. Now that he’s stolen the throne, he’s settling into his new life as the man on top. But is that position precarious? During a recent conference call with journalists, Robin Lord Taylor shared his thoughts on Oswald’s evolving relationship with Jim Gordon and his character’s arc for season 2.

Jim and Oswald’s Relationship. “I think part of Gordon’s growth and his transformation as a character is basically him reconciling himself with the fact that he has to align himself with certain not savory players in Gotham City in order to get what he wants done. So yes, I think this could essentially go on indefinitely because he is coming to realize that he needs Penguin, and Penguin has also realized back in the first season that he needed Gordon as well in order to get what he wants done. The interesting change that’s happening, though, is that in the first season they were coming at each other with—Penguin was looking at Gordon as someone that he could actually trust and could be an actual friend for him. But now, after what happened in the finale of the first season when Gordon basically left him to die in the hospital, the relationship is much more strained. And again, they do need each other. They need to come to each other to get things done, but it’s now from a very wary—they’re both very wary of each other at this point. It’s a really interesting development between the two characters.”

Trying to Maintain Power. “He set out to achieve something in the first season and he did it, he succeeded. He became his own boss, his own man, and basically he proclaimed himself the king of Gotham. As anything in Gotham City, though, nothing is easy, and now that he has achieved what he wants he’s faced with a whole new set of issues in terms of how to maintain that, and how to stay on the top. I don’t know if he’s exactly prepared for that, and this whole season it’s going to be about challenging his intellect, basically everything he has in order to stay the king of Gotham.”

Will He Seek More Allies? “I think, essentially, he’s very used to being on his own. He’s never trusted anyone implicitly. It’s always been him against the world. Again, the only person he trusts is his dear mother. But I do think that part of his lesson that he learns, being the king of Gotham now, is he’s going to learn that he does need people. He’s somewhat isolated, like you said, and I do actually believe that that does weaken him. He is going to have to learn how to invite people in and rely on them to a certain extent. That’s part of his transformation this year, I think.”

Selena and Oswald. “I think Oswald is very intrigued to have her around. She brings a new energy. He also enjoys the fact that she has that ability to infiltrate all sorts of groups, and I think he really wants to use that to his own advantage. Obviously we’ll see how much Selena agrees with that or is down with that, but I think that’s where Oswald is coming from.”

Will Oswald’s Mother Be Overwhelmed With His New Role? “There was the moment in the first season where Maroni basically told her what Oswald was doing and the violence and the murder and all of the darkness inside of him. But I think, like many parents, they’re incapable of seeing the dark stuff. It’s almost like she covers her eyes and closes her ears and out of sight, out of mind. She only wants to see what she believes that he is, which is a good person. But that will definitely be tested in this season. She will be confronted with, really, how dark he is, but also with the sympathy in that I think she believes that the choices he makes and has made are choices that he had to in order to survive.”

Is It Smart for Oswald to Trust Butch? “I think it may be a mistake that Oswald makes, but he really does trust in the brainwashing. He trusts in Victor Zsasz and his amazing handiwork in terms of getting people to do his bidding, and we’ll see how that plays out. I think he relies on Butch. He needs someone like Butch to galvanize all of the players in Gotham City to be behind Oswald and to follow Oswald as we go forward, now that Falcone and Maroni are out of the picture. But yes, we’ll definitely see if that’s the smart choice or not.”

Will We See More Interaction Between Oswald and Edward Nygma? “Oh, absolutely, and it’s really, really exciting. It’s one of my most favorite things about this season is their relationship and how the two play-off of each other.”

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