Gotham Teasers & Sneak Peeks: What You Need to Know About Episode 1.02 “Selina Kyle”

by Clarissa / September 24, 2014

The Gotham pilot introduced us to the gritty underbelly of the city and the second episode, titled “Selina Kyle”, continues in the same vein. There’s a new case for the Gotham PD to tackle in the upcoming episode, giving this show a bit of a procedural element, but a lot of mytharc stories from the pilot also continue. After screening the episode early, I’ve got a few teasers for you.

Corruption in the GCPD. Jim Gordon is still trying to come to terms with the way law enforcement acts in Gotham, from insisting that Bullock not beat up suspects to berating a cop for failing to preserve a crime scene. But he’s getting pushback from everyone, including his own captain, who insists that the city will break you if you don’t “bend”. When street kids start disappearing the cops do try to solve the case, even if no one seems all that concerned about homeless kids disappearing, at least until it becomes a PR disaster. Jim needs to figure out how much of his morals he’s willing to compromise in order to get the job done however. I suspect this will be a running theme throughout the first season of Gotham, if not longer.

The Cat. Selina Kyle (the future Catwoman, who prefers to go by “Cat” now) is more prominently featured in episode 2 and is a witness to the kids who are getting snatched. Her resilience and resourcefulness come in handy when she’s part of a group of kids who get picked up by the kidnappers. This is definitely a kid who knows how to look after herself.

Mob War. Falcone pays Fish Mooney a visit in the upcoming episode and it’s clear these two have a complicated relationship. Falcone laments to Fish that the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne has pushed Gotham into shaky territory where there is no longer any balance in the city. He’s concerned about a possible mob war with a competing family, but he also knows that there is danger from within his own ranks. Fish clearly has designs on taking over Falcone’s territory, but she’s not stupid and she realizes she hasn’t amassed enough power yet to beat him. It will definitely be interesting to see these two heavy-hitters battle it out for control of Gotham.

Dealing With Loss. Bruce Wayne may be years away from becoming Batman, but Gotham is dealing with how the loss of his parents will eventually shape him into the superhero he becomes. We saw in the pilot that he’s determined to “conquer fear” and he takes that another step further in the next episode by playing with fire, literally. Alfred is concerned and he wants Jim to talk to Bruce, to caution him. But it’s also clear that Bruce is stubborn and determined to deal with his loss his own way.

A Temporary Setback. Jim didn’t kill Cobblepott at the end of the pilot as instructed by Falcone and we’ll start to see the implications of that decision when Oswald emerges from the lake and tries to make it back to Gotham. He scores a ride from a couple of douchey young men, but his viciousness soon becomes apparent when they start making fun of him. Still, Cobblepott isn’t an idiot and proves himself clever when he realizes that he needs to regroup and figure out a plan instead of just storming his way back into the city.

Watch sneak peeks below for the September 29 episode of Gotham airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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