Hannibal 2.12 Review: Faceoff

by Mel BiJeaux / May 17, 2014

hannibal 2.12I keep saying Hannibal will not be able to top the depravity and horror after each episode. I’ve been saying that all season and yet, I’ve been consistently proven wrong. Last night’s sadistic festival of blood has probably topped the season in shock and horror. But then again, we have one more episode to go.

Will Graham has proven that he’s willing to go deep into darkness in order to catch Hannibal Lecter. Even so far as to kill and mutilate a body, under Hannibal’s tutelage, and fake the death of Freddie Lounds. But the question for viewers, and for Jack Crawford has been ( or at least Jack should be asking) who is influencing whom?

Will believes he is the ultimate fisherman, discovering what bait will draw Hannibal in and make him do something that Will can arrest him for. Even in all their talks, Hannibal hasn’t admitted anything that could be used as evidence, even if he pretty much asked if Will would share a table with him feasting on the despicable Mason Verger. Will even sics Mason on Hannibal “just to see what would happen” and Hannibal, bless him, can’t really get mad about that.

Another character who knows the true depths of Hannibal Lecter has shown back up – Bedelia Du Maurier. She narrowly escaped Hannibal’s dinner table after proving she knew what he was and that she believed Will. I find it fascinating to watch the impeccable Gillian Anderson speak as Bedelia like marble angel with a sinister side. She too had been influenced by Hannibal to kill their patient (shock!) and feed him his own tongue. And she warns Will that whatever he’s planning, however he thinks he’s manipulating Hannibal, make no mistake, Hannibal is manipulating the plays ahead of him.

But she does say that Hannibal will be taken down but his own whimsy – his infatuation with his own creative brilliance. Maybe Will can use that against him.

hannibal 2.12.2Mason Verger makes a move against Hannibal, after thoroughly pushing all of Hannibal’s disgust buttons, and foolishly thinks Will will feed him to the pigs. However Will has fantasized about doing just that – Hannibal has taken everyone and everything else away from Will so that Will will depend solely on him – he doesn’t give Mason that little win. The co-dependance between Will and Hannibal may be manufactured, but I think on some dark level, Will does like having someone who understands him completely. EvenĀ  if Hannibal helped take away the idea of a child.

The gore in this episode was epic, reminiscent of something from Game of Thrones but even the half eaten body of Carlo couldn’t hold a candle to what Hannibal does to Mason. Drugging him and talking him into feeding his own face to the dogs was a true work of sadistic art. The real twistedness being Hannibal and Will calmly discussing who’s to kill Mason, while Mason eats his own nose, jokes about it and complains like a whiny teenager in the background with half his face dripping down his front.

Jesus, I bet the network censors had a field day with this episode.

The last shocker will lead into that epic battle of the bull and the stag we saw at the beginning of the season, Jack and Hannibal fighting to the death. And to think that it was precipitated by Will of all people. It’s obvious that Will intends on putting Jack in the line of fire, casually suggesting that Hannibal finally “show him the Chesapeake Ripper” after taunting him for so long. If Hannibal tries to kill Jack, they’ll have him dead to rights.

Of course Jack may be really dead in the process. But maybe that’s just shows again how far Will is willing to go to get his man. I wonder if Jack is in on this little deal or not – him being the bait and all.

This episode was a wonderful appetizer of things to come in the finale, setting up how we get into that horrific battle with Jack and Hannibal, and watching Will pull out all the stops to finally catch his white whale. The questions will, where do we go from here into season 3? Will Will Graham step in to help Jack in the 11th hour? Has Will gotten too much of a taste for manipulation and now he likes it?

How do you help catch someone who is just like you, with out losing yourself in the process, Will?

Tune in to Hannibal Friday May 22 at 10/9 on NBC for the explosive season 2 finale to find out!

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