Hannibal 2.13 Review: The Last Supper

by Mel BiJeaux / May 23, 2014

hannibal 2.13There is a lot of screaming still going on in a lot Hannibal fan’s living rooms right now. Mostly because the entire fandom is asking “WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?” No matter how well the story¬† has been set up all season, and even a prelude of things to come with a taste of the epic Jack/Hannibal death match, nothing could prepare us for what we saw.

Or should I say… WHO we saw.

Everything has been leading up to this moment, wherein Jack Crawford finally triggers his trap for Hannibal with Will’s help. But as we’ve been asking for most of the season, who’s side is Will Graham on? If you’d asked at the beginning of the season, it would have been an easy answer – he wanted Hannibal dead.

But then Will killed. He mutilated. He saved Hannibal from a fate worse than death and something he’d even fantasized about. Will pointed out that Hannibal took everything away from him, so that the two of them were completely codependent on each other. Will seemed to be good for the ride.

Throughout all of this Will has maintained his need to bring Hannibal to justice, while Hannibal has been planning to bring Will with him when he runs. The twisted murder family ideal is still alive? More alive than you think.

I very much liked the smattering of lines from the novels thrown in, the “fox hearing the rabbit scream he comes running” and “given the chance you’d deny me my life.” So many things we knew, but so many things we couldn’t have anticipated.

hannibal213I like to think Hannibal has been courting Will most of the last half of the season, and when he literally smells betrayal on Will ( damn Hannibal and that freakish nose smelling Freddie Lounds on him) I think he’s genuinely upset and disappointed. And at that point, you can bet that whatever happens, he’s not going to be trusting Will again.

The battle with the Jack and Hannibal had been scene, and poor Alana Bloom’s arrival seemed like a certain kill… UNTIL THAT EPIC REVEAL.

Will has been holding the memory of Abigale Hobbs like a father mourning a daughter all season, and I think it’s been the one thing he could hold onto to fuel his hate for Hannibal, no matter how chummy he seemed with the doctor. To have her thrust back into the light and his life like this, literally ripped the rug out from under him (and us).

Was Abigale in the basement when Beverley Katz stumbled upon it? Has she been brainwashed like Jack’s protege? Hannibal obviously continued her training as a killer with how she pushed Alana out the window at his behest. But I think Hannibal was saving her as a present for Will, once they left together and Hannibal was sure of Will’s allegiance.

Hannibal wanted his “murder family,” but found he hadn’t completely converted Will to his whims. I doubt anyone was ready to watch Will get virtually gutted in Hannibal’s embrace no matter what was canon from the novels. Or to have to watch Abigale get her throat cut yet again to Will’s horror.

The death of the Stag in the room was the literal death of Will’s world lately. Where he’d been in the tree blind with ghost-Garret Jacob Hobbs hunting the Stag ( who could have been Hannibal) on his own terms, now Will lays dying beside the beast. I wonder who the Stag represents to Will now, him or Hannibal.

So let’s take a head count going into season 3:

– Jack is bleeding out in the pantry from his carotid artery being cut. I can’t imagine him not being in a Hannibal show, so I’m betting he lives.

– Alana Bloom is either dying from trauma or dead already. Or paralyzed. Whatever the outcome it isn’t good for her.

– Abigale Hobbs is most likely dead but hey, we’ve been fooled before. I don’t know how you come back from that kind of blood loss though.

– Will’s lost most of his blood volume on Hannibal’s kitchen floor. But he’ll live. We know he will.

– Hannibal walks out into the rain as if washing him of his sins and into the night.

As for the fans, however, I’m not sure how many of us survived that finale with our emotions intact. But that was probably exactly what Bryan Fuller and company wanted!

At least they made sure we’ll all be back next season to see what’s become of poor Will, and where Hannibal will end up! The wait will most definitely be too long!

Hannibal airs on NBC and returns for season three probably in spring of 2015.

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