Hart of Dixie 4.06 Photos and Preview: Are Zoe and Wade Ready to Be Parents?

by Shilo Adams / February 18, 2015
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With every important event, there’s always a moment where its existence becomes a reality. The farther you are for something, the less real it can seem, particularly if it’s something that provokes anxiety; however, there comes a time in everyone’s life where they realize they can no longer hide from their next big life event. Whether they like it or not, things are going to change, so they need to get with it so that the transition they’re about to undergo will be as smooth as possible. But that aftermath upon figuring out what’s about to happen is something that can paralyze even the most emotionally stable among us, turning them into shells of their former selves.

On the next episode of Hart of Dixie, Zoe and Wade go through one of the most joyful experiences upcoming parents can have – finding out the sex of their baby. However, instead of focusing on baby names and what color the nursery is going to be, they panic at the realization that they’re going to be parents. Previously, pregnancy had only been an idea, something they had plenty of time to get used to before anything major would change in their lives. Now, though, they know that a real, live baby is going to be in their lives in the near future and it’s going to rely on the two of them to take care of it. Even with the extra help that comes from having a new child in BlueBell, Zoe and Wade are about to be a mom and a dad and neither of them feel ready for that type of responsibility. They’re going to be in charge of protecting and helping to shape another human being and while that might help them grow once it gets here, the wait is going to be excruciating.

Elsewhere on Hart of Dixie, Brick comes face to face with a part of his past he thought he left behind, while an important opportunity for BlueBell leads Lavon to reach out to Mayor Gainey.

Hart of Dixie airs Fridays at 8:00 on The CW.

Do you think that Zoe and Wade are right to be concerned about their impending parenthood? What do you think Brick will be confronted by that has him so wound up? Will Lavon’s attempts at collaborating with Mayor Gainey blow up in his face once again?

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