Hart of Dixie 4.07 Photos and Preview: Wade Undergoes a Flirting Intervention

by Shilo Adams / February 25, 2015
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Part of what initially attracted Zoe to¬†Wade was his charm. While she initially didn’t want to fall for the same lines and routine that she knew countless women before her had, Zoe soon found herself smitten by the roguish bartender, her feelings growing the more she got to know the Wade behind the flirtation. Now that she and Wade are giving this relationship thing another go-around, though, Zoe isn’t feeling as comfortable with his flirty personality; it’s less about her feeling like he’ll cheat on her, given how committed he’s been to this baby and the idea of a long-term relationship with her, and more about the general uneasiness that comes with watching someone you love make eyes at someone else. But will Wade be able to turn off this side of his personality when it’s become so much a part of him?

On the next episode of Hart of Dixie, Wade seeks Lavon’s help in stopping his flirting. He’s done so much over the years that he doesn’t even know he’s doing it anymore; it’s just a part of who Wade Kinsella is, so cutting it out of his life completely is going to be difficult, hence bringing Lavon in. Yet even with Lavon’s help, changing such a fundamental part of himself will take some time, as will learning to adapt his new code of conduct into a workplace where charm can bring in much needed money. Keeping a hold on himself while he’s with Zoe or while out and about in town is one thing; managing to be personable and pleasant on the job without that turning into full-on flirtation is a whole other monster, one that Wade will have to slay if he wants to keep Zoe’s insecurities at bay.

Elsewhere on Hart of Dixie, Lemon struggles with how to handle seeing her mother in BlueBell, while George and AnnaBeth have a hard time with dating out in the open.

Hart of Dixie airs Fridays at 8:00 on The CW.

Will Wade be able to curtail his flirting and ease Zoe’s mind? How should Lemon feel about Brick knowing her mother was in town and not telling her? Is the universe trying to tell George and AnnaBeth they’re better off as friends?

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