Hart of Dixie 4.08 Photos and Preview: George’s Parents Visit

by Shilo Adams / March 2, 2015
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George Tucker is someone who only recently discovered the value of doing things for yourself. Previously, his life was dominated by decisions made with others in mind – his parents, his friends, Lemon – and while that might’ve been an easy way to live, it took away the free will that’s an important part of being human. George didn’t have the time or the opportunity to search his soul and figure out who he was or what he wanted to do; as much as he grew to like being a lawyer, and as good as he was at the job itself, there was always a part of George that wanted something more for himself. But in reverting from the life track he had been on practically since birth, a process that began when he called off his wedding to Lemon, George would have to answer to his parents.

On the next episode of Hart of Dixie, George’s parents come for a visit at a time when he has a brand new relationship and a new career path. Being that all the change in his life is so recent, he hasn’t had the opportunity to explain the turn his life has taken, a conversation that he’s not exactly looking forward to having; despite the reservations he had about the path he was previously on, George doesn’t want to disappoint his parents, nor does he want his decision-making to come between them. Ideally, his parents would be supportive of the man he’s become and the take charge attitude he’s employed in making the change he wanted to see, but it’s a lot to soak up – their son going from a stable, well-paying job as a lawyer to the uncertainty of the music industry. All they want is to know that he’s okay and well taken care of, so George is going to have to show them that he has all his ducks in a row and that he’s serious about being the best music manager he could be. This isn’t a hobby for him and if he can get that across, he might be able to win his parents over to his side.

Elsewhere on Hart of Dixie, Wade goes on a search for an heirloom to pass down to his son, while Brick gets his hopes up that his friends are throwing him a surprise party, even though none of them have indicated they even know it’s his birthday.

Hart of Dixie airs Fridays at 8:00 on The CW.

Will George’s parents come to accept that he’s with AnnaBeth now? What heirloom will Wade decide to give to his child? Would the people of BlueBell really forget about Brick’s birthday?

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