Hart of Dixie 4.10 Photos and Preview: Zoe Makes a Life-Changing Decision

by Shilo Adams / March 25, 2015
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Zoe Hart’s time in BlueBell has been filled with major life decisions. She allowed herself to fall in love, got in touch with the other side of her family, and confronted the demons that kept her from evolving as a person, all the while discovering aspects of herself that were hidden while in New York. The decision to go to BlueBell was impulsive and reckless, but despite a few bumps along the way, she’s emerged as a stronger person with a better sense of herself, what she wants out of life, and the type of people she wants to surround herself with. While Zoe’s not batted 1.000 in terms of making big decisions during her time in Alabama, she’s grown enough to where she trusts herself when she’s faced with something major.

On the season finale of Hart of Dixie, Zoe makes a major life-decision with the birth of her son looming. Zoe learning to trust her gut was one of the most important personal developments she’s had thus far in her time in Alabama, but it’s the connection she has with Wade that has been the biggest boon of them all. Finally, she went against what she had always been told she should want and allowed herself to pursue something that she did want, with their reunion coming at the best time possible for her. Zoe wouldn’t have made it through her pregnancy as well as she did without the constant support of Wade and right as their son is about to make his entrance into the world, his dad is going to have to give his mom another helping hand. But how will this life-changing decision of Zoe’s impact things going forward? Will Wade be able to make Zoe’s wish come true before the baby is born?

Elsewhere on Hart of Dixie, George and AnnaBeth are forced to make a big decision about their relationship, while Lavon decides to make things right with Lemon after their miscommunication.

The season finale of Hart of Dixie airs Friday at 8:00 on The CW.

What decision will Zoe make that changes things for her and Wade? Will George and AnnaBeth decide to break things off as a result of the distance between them? If Lavon confesses to letting Lemon think he proposed, could their relationship be over before it really begins?

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