Heroes Reborn Character Posters: The Introduction of New Heroes and Villains

by Clarissa / July 4, 2015
Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn (the new 13 episode series coming to NBC this fall) opens one year after a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas. Blamed for the attack, all of those with extraordinary abilities have now gone underground.

While in hiding, some are discovering their new abilities, while others are seeking the truth behind the attack.

The taglines for the new posters reveal a lot about the individual characters. For example, the Luke (Zachary Levi) photo says “avenge what you lost” and we know he and Joanne (“hunt what you hate”) are both vigilantes who are trying to avenge a loss.

Watch an extended preview for Heroes Reborn

Carlos (“embrace who you are”) is a former soldier who is a very different type of hero, while Malia (“save who you can”) has been told she is destined for greatness.

But not all of the new characters are good. Erica (“take what you want”) is the head of a successful tech┬áconglomerate Renautas and has an agenda of her own.

Heroes Reborn will premiere on September 24 on NBC.




























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