How to Get Away With Murder Finale Recap: Who Killed Lila?

by Clarissa / February 26, 2015

How to Get Away With Murder came to a close tonight and with the mystery of who killed Sam Keating already solved, the show finally solved the season-long mystery plaguing fans since the pilot: who killed Lila Stangard?

Thanks to flashbacks to that night, we now know what transpired: earlier in the day, Lila was nasty to Rebecca and turned on her former friend. So Rebecca headed to Griffin’s fraternity later that night, where the two hooked up. But not before Rebecca used Griffin’s phone to send Lila a text asking her to come over. She did, right in the middle of Rebecca and Griffin getting hot and heavy. When Rebecca asked Lila if she still thought Griffin was “worth it”, Lila attacked her friend. When Griffin came between the two women, Lila stormed off as Rebecca smiled at what she had wrought. Later, Rebecca went to Lila’s sorority trying to track her down.

Back in the present day, Wes was becoming ever more suspicious of his girlfriend after meeting with Rudy in the asylum. While Laurel wanted him to hold tight and not confront Rebecca until they could learn more, Wes dug through Annalise’s files for more information. When he realized that Rebecca’s story had holes, he and Laurel told Connor and Michaela about his suspicions and the group confronted Rebecca. Cornered, Rebecca told them that she had found the campus cop who had seen the group outside of Annalise’s office the night Sam was killed (turns out Annalise and Frank arranged to have him fired so he would go away and keep quiet). Refusing to tell the others what happened the night of Lila’s death, Rebecca demanded they keep quiet or she would contact the cop. Desperate, Wes, Connor, Laurel and Michaela tied Rebecca up and then called Annalise for help.

Flashback to Sam earlier on the night of Lila’s death. It turns out Lila had called Sam that night to tell him that she had tried to sleep with Griffin to pass off her baby as his but he had refused. When Sam dismissed her concerns, she told him she would tell Annalise the truth. So Sam called his wife and, while the two were on the phone, Lila showed up crying at the door and Bonnie answered. But Bonnie dismissed Lila and sent her packing.

Sam did return home that night and got a call from Lila, who was being melancholy up on the roof. Enter Griffin, who was desperately trying to find her, but she hid from him. Later, Sam did show up on the roof.

Much later that night, Rebecca did return home wet and Rudy saw her, so she gave him PCP and mixed it with another drug to drive him batty. When he flipped out shortly after, Rebecca called the police and he was carted away. But why was Rebecca wet? Apparently she had found Lila in the water tank that night, but she was already dead. When some other girls came up on the roof, Rebecca panicked and climbed into the tank to avoid suspicion.

Back in the present day, Annalise wasn’t convinced that Rebecca was guilty and suggested they let her go, against the others’ objections. As it turns out, Rebecca was already gone, but no one would cop to helping her escape.

In the past, Sam told Lila that he and Annalise had been distant for years and he was choosing her. He soon left, telling her that he was going to tell Annalise the truth. But then he made a mysterious call to someone, telling them “you owe me”. So who did Sam contact to kill Lila? Frank!!!!! Fortunately for Frank, no one but the audience seems to know about this.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Annalise manipulated the judge and the D.A. to get Nate released on bail and once again suggested that he fire his lawyer and call the number she had provided. When the new D.A. asked Annalise for a statement, she fed her a story that could provide the jury with reasonable doubt.

In the final moments of the episode we discovered a new murder had been committed. It turns out that Rebecca hadn’t disappeared, she had been killed. But who did it? Only Frank and Annalise know about her death right now, but both denied to the other that they had done it. It appears that we’ve got a new murder mystery on our hands!

We also learned a few other tidbits, including the fact that Laurel had Michaela’s missing engagement ring the entire time (but was worried she would go to the cops after Sam’s death unless she was afraid of being implicated), Oliver is HIV positive, Rebecca texted “Eggs 911 lawyer’s house” to a mystery person who hasn’t yet been revealed, and the new D.A. seems very suspicious of Annalise’s new story (and then paid a visit to Asher to discuss his boss).

How to Get Away With Murder hasn’t officially been renewed by season 2, but given the show’s ratings and popularity it seems like a lock.

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