How to Get Away With Murder Sneak Peeks: Annalise is Fired Up

by Clarissa / October 21, 2015

Annalise appears to be on the warpath in the next episode of How to Get Away With Murder. First, she overheads Mikaela talking dirty to her boyfriend while at work and grabs away her phone, telling her to do her job for the cast they’re working on instead of sexting at work.

Then it appears that Asher’s deal with the D.A. comes to light in another sneak peek and he heads to Annalise’s office to talk to her. ABC says that “Asher discovers not everything is what it seems when you work for Annalise”. We’re not sure what that means, but Asher confronts his boss in private. Outside the door, the other students are terrified that Asher knows about Sam and may have turned them in.

Meanwhile, Wes’ search to find out more about Rebecca’s disappearance “culminates into an explosive confrontation”.

Don’t miss a new episode of How to Get Away With Murder on October 22 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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