How to Get Away With Murder Winter Finale Recap: Who Killed Sam?!

by Clarissa / November 20, 2014

It’s the night of the bonfire on the winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder and we open on a violent confrontation between Annalise and Sam. Annalise is completely done defending her husband, accusing him of killing Lila and then telling him about her own affair. He’s shouting that she’s a hypocrite and the two get physical before Annalise bails.

Enter Rebecca, who was trying to sneak into the house to plug in Nate’s USB drive into Sam’s computer. Unfortunately, Michaela had also come to the house to return the trophy and unknowingly spilled the beans to Sam about Rebecca being in the house. Taking a chance, Rebecca ran upstairs to Sam’s bedroom, but not before ordering Michaela to call Wes. As Sam tried to get into the room, Wes told Michaela that they all believed Sam killed Lila. Terrified as Sam finally made his way into the room (prompting Rebecca to flee into the bathroom), Michaela kept shouting that Wes, Connor and Laurel had to come to Annalise’s house immediately.

The trio arrive at the house and Wes stood up against Sam, telling him to let Rebecca leave with them. Sam agreed, but tried to grab the USB stick from Rebecca as she attempted to leave. Laurel managed to grab it and ran off and Sam gave chase.

So who killed Sam? As Sam attempted to chase Laurel down the stairs he approached Michaela, who was in his path. Terrified, she tried to deflect him and ended up accidentally throwing him over the stair railing and causing him to die on the way down.

The kids started to panic, debating whether to call the police. Wes and Connor suggested they should just leave, while the girls struggled to do the right thing. All the while, Annalise was outside the police station, crying as she debated going in and turning in her husband.

And then, a shock! Sam wasn’t dead. The others saw that he had woken up and was choking Rebecca. Terrified, Wes grabs the trophy and struck Sam, killing him for real this time.

Wes suggests that Rebecca clean up and leave and, after helping her, he sends her on her way. And thus begins a debate about what to do with Sam’s body that we’ve seen in previous flash-forwards, including a surprise appearance by Asher.

As Asher partied at the bonfire and Wes joins Rebecca at the motel, she tells Wes she wants to take the rap for Sam’s murder, but Wes doesn’t want her to cover for him. The kids continue to argue whether to bury Sam’s body as Annalise goes to Nate’s house to ask him for help. Since his wife was back in the hospital, he invites her inside. She admitts to Nate that Sam knew Lila was pregnant and after a bit of an emotional breakdown, Nate suggests that Annalise spend the night.

Meanwhile, Bonnie gets it on with a mystery man in a bar until she ditches him to hang out with Asher. Bonnie propositions him and the two have fumbling sex. Annalise returns home after being unable to reach Sam on his cell. As the kids burn Sam’s body, Annalise leaves a heartfelt message for her husband, telling him that they had built a life together and begging for forgiveness for the horrible things she had said. In the end, while Wes suggests they completely burn Sam’s body in an incinerator, the others opt to leave the charred pieces of him in a garbage bin.

Connor goes to Oliver to brokenly tell him that he had screwed up, while Michaela returns home to find a Vera Wang wedding dress. And Laurel goes to Frank to ask him to return the trophy to Asher’s house. The next morning in the motel room, Wes destroys the USB drive. Michaela approachs her future mother-in-law-to-be and apologizes for her behavior, giving her a signed copy of the prenup, while Connor lies to Oliver about being high the night before to avoid telling him the truth about what happened. Meanwhile, Annalise calls Bonnie to find out if she was with Sam, but Bonnie says she wasn’t. As Annalise panics that Sam had done something stupid, Bonnie offers to come over to help.

Everyone gathers at the office when Bonnie summons them all there and Annalise tells her students that Sam was missing and that she had called the police to report his disappearance.

And then, shock #2! We got to see yet another flashback. When Wes had returned to the house after visiting Rebecca at the motel, he came to retrieve the trophy. He apologized to Sam’s body for killing him and there sat Annalise, telling Wes not to be sorry for what he had done. As it turns out, Annalise knows her husband is dead, she knows that Wes killed him and, as of right now, she’s playing dumb like the rest of them. And, it seems, Wes is the only one who knows the truth about her.

So there’s some big questions for the return of How to Get Away With Murder: will Sam’s body be found and will a murder investigation begin? Will Annalise keep Wes’ secret or turn on him and the other students? Will Rebecca be exonerated or will she go to jail for Lila’s murder?

How to Get Away With Murder will return in the new year to close out its first season.

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