The Last Man on Earth 1.04 Photos and Sneak Peeks: And Melissa Makes Three

by Shilo Adams / March 14, 2015
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When Phil put signs up around the country, he was desperate to see another human being. He thought that he was doomed to a hellish existence as the last man on earth, never to have human contact for the rest of his days. That presumption nearly caused him to end his life, but after coming into contact with and getting to know Carol, he realized that he wanted to be alive. While he wanted to see this new world through as long as he had someone by his side to enjoy the ride with, Phil never expected there to be any other people out there, not when meeting Carol was a stroke of divine intervention that forced him to keep going. But will he accept Melissa into the world he and Carol have been building? Or have things gotten too crowded for the former last man on earth?

On the next episode of The Last Man on Earth, Carol and Phil are forced to adjust to the discovery that there is another person alive in the world. The two had resigned themselves to repopulating the Earth together and enjoying one another’s eccentricities for the rest of their days, so having to wrap their mind around Melissa’s very existence, and the thought that there could be more like her wandering the country, is a lot to grapple with. Ultimately, the two welcome her with open arms to their fledgling little community, content to add to their ranks however possible, but Phil’s crush on Melissa could threaten the safety and stability of his marriage to Carol. In his mind, the marriage’s lack of legal formality, as well as his only knowing Carol for a week, means that he wouldn’t really be doing a bad thing if he tried to get with Melissa, especially if he does it under the guise of genetics. If they’re going to repopulate the planet, emotion cannot get in the way of numbers, but if Phil pushes too hard or comes off too creepy, he risks driving both Carol and Melissa away from Tucson and damning himself to the lonely existence he was saved from only a week ago.

The Last Man on Earth airs Sundays at 9:30 on FOX.

How will Melissa’s arrival impact Phil’s marriage to Carol? Will there be any more people arriving in Tucson thanks to Phil’s signs? Is there a chance Phil will regret putting those signs up, presuming the city gets more than a few additional dwellers?

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