Limitless Sneak Peek: Conflicts and Interests

by Alan Eggleston / October 13, 2015

Last week on Limitless, Brian helped Agents Harris and Boyle hunt down the murderer of a former FBI agent. It turned out the retired agent was still in hot pursuit of the head of an infamous drug cartel, and that pursuit got him killed.

Meanwhile, Brian reconnected with Shauna, a former love interest. She was quite attracted to this “new” Brian who is focused and lively and funny – because he was on NZT during the day when she saw him. But when they met after hours, she found herself back to the tired, unfocused, lackluster Brian she had left before, leaving her to wonder what happened to the fun Brian. When he proved it was the same Brian with or without the NZT, she decided she was ready to restart their relationship. Then Senator Morra’s agent Sands appeared, insisting that Brian is now working for him, threatening anyone whom Brian cares about if Brian doesn’t follow Sands’ orders. To protect Shauna, Brian reluctantly broke off their relationship.

This week, Sands steps up his game, demanding that Brian get him the NZT files, putting Brian’s loyalty to the FBI to the test. Meanwhile, Brian doubts a suspect is guilty of murder in a case under NYPD investigation. Agent Harris offers to arrange for Brian to see the files, but then he must prioritize analyzing a case in which the FBI has no jurisdiction versus combing through thousands of names on an FBI list in the hope of finding a needle in a haystack. As for Agent Harris, she has a conflict of her own when she learns what her estranged father has left her after his death.

See the preview video below and watch the “Page 44” episode of Limitless on October 13 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


Alan Eggleston A writer from the boomer generation, I was among the first Americans to grow up with television and even got my bachelors degree in broadcasting. My first professional job was working in a television station, working camera and then writing copy and promotions. A few years later I turned to writing for print and then adapted to the Internet. I love writing and I love good television and film - I hope it shows in my reviews.