Madam Secretary Sneak Peek: A New Cold War?

by Clarissa / October 8, 2015

Stevie’s relationship with Harrison takes center stage in this week’s episode of Madam Secretary. After the events of the season 2 premiere, both Henry and Elizabeth tell their daughter that she needs to tell Harrison’s parents about the heroin she found in case he’s using again — or they’ll tell the President and First Lady on their own. This is eventually going to lead Stevie to make some big choices about her life.

Meanwhile, a State Department employee is kidnapped in Afghanistan and the kidnappers demand an audience with Elizabeth. Unfortunately, the new Secretary of Defense doesn’t even want Elizabeth to speak to the terrorists, but she fights back. Given their history (which we haven’t been told too much about yet), it looks like the two of them clashing looks like it will be a common thing in the future.

Finally, Dmitri tells Henry that he has to withdraw from the war college because his sister is ill. When the DIA learns about this they order Henry to turn his attention back to the original asset they had suggested: Ivan. But Henry still doesn’t agree with their plan to use Ivan’s sexuality as blackmail. So he decides to use the assets under his command to come up with a plan to get Dmitri to stay.

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